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Cash Prize Draw

This Week's Cash Prize Winner!
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Turn your tokens into cash!

The more you play – the more you can WIN!

Premium Members have the chance to WIN CASH just by playing YouPlay puzzles and games. Even better, every token earned on the site increases the dollar value of the prize!

About the Weekly Cash Competition

1. Each week a new Premium Member is drawn at random and announced as the winner

2. The amount of cash won by the winner is determined by the amount of tokens they have earned during the previous week. For instance, if the winner has earned 0 tokens, the prize will be the minimum $100.

3. All tokens obtained during the previous week will accumulate. The more tokens you earn, the more cash you could win. Amounts increase in $20 increments to a maximum prize of $200.

4. You can keep track of how many tokens you have earned during the week and watch as they are converted into golden coins on your personal Profile page.

Visit your Profile Page and check your token tally

A new weekly competition begins at 11.00am each Friday (AEST), and ends at 10:59am the following Friday.

Weekly token balances will be reset to 0 at the beginning of each new competition. 

How to Enter

Every current YouPlay Premium Member from Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom will automatically be entered into the prize pool each week. You do not have to earn any tokens to be selected as a winner; however the more tokens you have accrued during the weekly draw period, the greater your cash prize will be. 

Not yet a Premium Member? Upgrade your account today for a chance to win.

Earning Tokens

Every YouPlay “house” puzzle or game (those NOT created by a third-party publisher) awards tokens. You can also earn tokens by entering the weekly Poll (found in the Player’s Lounge). Regular special events will also allow you to earn bonus tokens (including game tournaments and double token days). Keep an eye on the home page blog for updates.

Cash Competition FAQs

Terms and Conditions

Who's earning cash prize tokens?