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This Month's Game
by Jessie

Bump, bounce, and roll your way through a plethora of perplexing puzzles in Bumps©, an original new challenge that's full of colorful fun!

The Bumps were once regular people like you and me. But an Alien invasion changed all that and now the Bumps need your help before they become lunch! Drop each colorful Bump into the playing area in a very specific way to collect keys and free your Bump buddies.

Each one of the 99 levels is a challenging brain-teaser that will take all your skills to solve. A completely unique take on casual puzzles, Bumps© features vibrant full-screen graphics and a fun soundtrack.



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Jessie's Thoughts
Genre: Puzzle

Game Overview:

Bumps is almost the "perfect" Casual Game: simple premise, but not so simple execution. The objective of the game is to place colourful 2D balls (colourful critters called 'Bumps' that are somewhat reminiscent of PopCap's infamous 'Chuzzles') in the correct positions on a series of apparatus, and after pressing GO, hoping they roll/bounce/drop along the correct trajectory to free a series of Keys. If all Keys are collected, a group of trapped Bumps are released... more
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