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This Month's Game
Cradle of Rome
by Jessie

Build the heart of Ancient Rome and become its Emperor! This legendary city was one of the most beautiful and powerful capitals that ever existed in the history of the ancient world. Now you have a chance to bring back to life all the masterpieces of Roman architecture. Construct the Colosseum as a training school for your brave gladiators, and the Pantheon - the temple of all the Roman Gods - will bring you luck!


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Jessie's Thoughts

About Cradle of Rome

A Match 3 game situated in Ancient Rome, your challenge is to construct the city from the ground up. Each level awards resources - gold, supplies and food. These resources will enable you to purchase and run an amazing collection of buildings such as a forge, mill, quarry, tavern, village and field - everything you need to recover the city and become Emperor. Watch as the city bursts into life as you play, becoming populated and product... more

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