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This Month's Game
World Mosaics 2
by Jessie

Travel through time and witness history in the making with the puzzle fun of World Mosaics 2!

After searching the world to uncover the truth about the Sea People in the original World Mosaics, the power of their magical hourglass has taken you back in time through a mysterious portal. Now shattered, the pieces of this hourglass hold the key to your return. Can you locate them by solving an entirely new set of mind-busting logic puzzles?

Your mission is to uncover the mysterious image displayed before you with the help of your associate Dr. Remington and his Time Tiles. It sounds like a simple task using the brush and chisel but at times, even hints may not be enough!

The puzzles will mark your progression through historical eras like the Jurassic period, the Dawn of Civilization and the glorious Renaissance. Each of these periods holds a piece of the shattered hourglass to collect and with them, the way back home.

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Jessie's Thoughts

Title: World Mosaics 2
Genre: Picross Puzzle
Publisher: Fugazo
Platforms: Windows/Mac/Web - play online

World Mosaics 2 is a type of puzzle called a 'Picross' where you crack a numerical code or Key to reveal a picture within a grid (imagine a Sudoku and a paint by numbers hybrid). As a newcomer to this style of game I fo... more

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