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The Colour Of Magic
by Terry Pratchett
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Jessie's Thoughts
The Colour of Magic was the first in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, an epic work of the imagination consisting (so far) of about forty publications - novels, graphic novels and books for young people. I'm a bit of a Douglas Adams fan when it comes to fantasy with science and a liberal helping of satire and humour, but it's impossible not to enjoy Pratchett's world. 50 million readers can't be wrong?

OK - I can't tell whether I prefer the wizard Rincewind or the obsessively devoted many-legged chest. What's clear from The Colour Of Magic is that Terry Pratchett has an extraordinary imagination and an affectionate, but clear, eye for human nature. If you really loathe the entire Fantasy genre you won't find anything to enjoy in this book. Everyone else probably will.
Rating: 5.0
I think he passed away. But I love his writing and it kept getting better as long as he was writing.
Rating: 4.5
I haven't read this one in years, but I remember trying to read it in my early teens and not liking it at all. When I picked it up again in my late teens thought it was hilarious, and subsequently read through all his books.
You do need the life experience to enjoy his books properly.
Rating: 5.0
Haven't read this one yet but I have just finished Mort which I think is the 3rd or 4th in the series. I thought it was funny and quite brilliant.
Rating: 645.0
Rating: 5.0
I love the Discworld books. It's an amazing talent that can create a completely new yet believable world with just a few words. My favourite character in this one is definitely the luggage.
Rating: 0.0
Hi Blazer5, I have read all Diana Gabaldon's outlander series, waiting expectantly for the next one to come along.
Rating: 0.0
anyone out there who reads diana gabaldan's outlander series?
Rating: 0.0
Sorry,but I could not even get past the first couple of pages. Guess it is not my style of writing.
Liesl Grimm
Rating: 0.0
This is apparently his first book, which means I originally borrowed it from the library. Most of the rest I bought. Naturally, when I went to borrow it again at the library, they no longer have it. So I cannot read it. I do remember that I loved it enough to buy the rest. I buy very very few books. Mainly because I already have so many decades worth (mainly sci fi) from before Terry Pratchett. My children, and now my grandchildren use my home as a library for borrowing books. They have even lent them on to friends.
Rating: 5.0
Not only have I read all the discworld books, but now my sons have also read them all - totally brilliant characters. My favourites are Death, The Librarian, and Lord Vetinari, amongs others - lol.
Rating: 3.0
Quite enjoyed this. Amazing how an author can make a whole new world.
Rating: 0.0
I love Terry Pratchett books.It is such a shame he now has Alzeimers but he is fighting it as best he can. I hope he does get better but from the tv show I watched he wont.He has bought so much happiness to people and the colour of Magic is one of the best.
Rating: 234.0
okay let me say he was the best but it needs funny into it so come on bring good books that makes us feel so exciting that makes us wanna jump to heaven and think that were the most nicest angel on earth.
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