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Colouring In-klings

And so from names of colours to that activity for slow Friday afternoons in primary school - yes, taking out the coloured pencils and zoning out while colouring in.
I have to admit I was never highly skilled at this - some problems with staying between the lines and the occasional infelicitious choice of shades. But what I do remember is the total engagement with the process. It was always a soothing, relaxing occupation. No doubt that's why colouring-in was a diversion of choice selected by teachers who knew the limits of their class after a long week of concentration and learning.
The fascination with seeing the picture gradually come to life under the pencil and the absorbed atmosphere of the class made colouring-in a uniquely 'Zen' moment.
Later in life, of course, I was merely envious that I was 'too old' to enjoy the butcher's paper tablecloths and crayons that enterprising cafes and restaurants provided to calm their younger patrons.
This was an error. The colouring-in experience is too good to be left only to children. Adults, too, deserve to enjoy this exquisitely relaxing pastime.
The really good news is that Lovatts is bringing out our Inklings colouring-in book for adults. Take a moment to sink into a quieter, calmer world in which you choose the hues. Of course, we're Lovatts the puzzle experts, so we've added a puzzle element to the colouring-in. Enjoy!
Inklings will be on sale this month*, so look out for it or ask for it at your local newsagent and rediscover the fun, and calm, of making pictures...
Lovatts Inklings Cover
*On sale in New Zealand in November

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