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OMG New Words

OMG New Words
Oh well, that one's been in for a while, but has recently added YOLO and ICYMI to the canon - that's 'You only live once' (usually as a justification for a particularly silly, possibly dangerous action) and 'In case you missed it', a phrase particularly useful for showing how au fait you are with latest trends and emphasising this in communication with others.
One that's going to be interesting for NSW's newspaper of record, the Sydney Morning Herald, is the initialism SMH which has been appropriated to stand for 'Shake my head', expressing various negative emotions loosely associated with disbelief. On the other hand, perhaps that's an appropriate response to the news...
'Hot diggity' has also been included. This was a surprise as I'd thought it had been around for some time. It turns out that it has, but mostly in North America.
And a warning about 'clickbait'. This apparently alluring content is solely designed to make you click and enter. Technically it's the content (according to the dictionaries) but it could easily apply to enticing chances to win that turn out to be yet another sales site. Caveat emptor. 
While to 'vape', with an 'e-cig', may be using the very latest in tech and tech-words, it is no substitute for just giving up nicotine. It is, however, disturbingly so much easier.
But you'll be pleased to know that, among the many items of tech origin which have made it to the dictionaries recently, there is at least one actual thing that's been around for quite a while.
The olinguito, a little furry creature from South America.
By Mark Gurney [CC-BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons 

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