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I love going into paint shops, that's wall paints by the way not artists' colours. It's not that I look forward to the hours of painstaking cutting-in or the freedom of rollering. I just love the names that paint companies use to describe their product. 
Not that I'm unsympathetic. It's an industry that's heavily reliant on fashion. The latest colours and colour combinations have to reach the client who's no doubt inspired by the latest round of home-improvement shows. And there's nothing worse than going to buy the shade of the moment only to find it, by the same name, was the colour one's grandparent used on the garden shed a few decades ago, the dried up evidence of which lingers on in said shed until a council clear-up of old dead paint tins is next scheduled. 
How to avoid this deterrent? Invent and new and exciting name for the same old colour.
I found Smooth, Dew, and Amulet on one chart, and Annular, Quilt, and Surprise on another - there will be no prize for guessing which colour applies to which name because, quite honestly, there doesn't have to be a direct link between the name and the shade. The names would be fairly dull if they were so relentlessly literal. 
I think the purpose of these names is to elicit an emotional, mood-based response. One might be charmed to apply My Way to the walls, or Innocence, or even Showbiz. Certainly there's nothing to offend in the names, and that makes the people who invent these terms very clever indeed.
Can you describe your favourite colour and then invent a paint-shop name for it?

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