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For the love of Mic...

'Mic' has been around in the dictionaries for some time, and is clearly written on millions of audio-equipment items in homes and workplaces all over the English-speaking world. Yet I've never quite got used to how 'mic' has managed to keep the 'mike' sound of 'microphone', when our usual approach to a three-letter word in the consonant-vowel-consonant pattern is to make the vowel sound short. So the 'mic', in theory, should be pronounced 'mik'. 
It's possible that, since the abbreviation 'mike' has been around for a while, and has even become a phrasal verb in the sense of 'miking up', i.e. setting someone up with a microphone for an interview'. This can involve equipping the interviewee with a mic attached to the shirt front but sufficiently wired that should they try to storm out of an interview, having been asked a question or two to which they object, there's that awkward moment of disentanglement.
Of course, President Obama has provided a perfect example of ridding oneself of the mic in a controlled and meaningful fashion, that's the 'mic drop' - if you missed it on your favourite news source, just Google it.
And now you can combine the mic with vision and 'vlog'. This portmanteau word removes the mouthful of 'video blogging', allowing a quick description of postings which make possible reports of news, food, travel destinations, etc. to 'vlogees' (is this possible for people who do not themselves post a vlog, but do watch/listen to them - or is this construction too passive?). And, yes, 'vlog' has just been added to the OED, though it appears to have been in Merriam Webster and Collins for a bit longer. This word is definitely a 21st century construct, having been first recorded in 2002.
So, a word hunt.
What 21st century words do you use, and can you find any that are not directly taken from the technology break-throughs of this century?

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