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Phub thumping

I attract some, I'd have to say, adverse, comments occasionally from family members who object to my not answering the phone. The mobile device that is, as anyone over fifty is so conditioned into immediately answering a landline that major cognitive work would be required to overcome the training.
It can be explained by the mobile device in question being in a well-concealed, and apparently soundproof, compartment of my handbag which may or may not be in another room, the car or, indeed, another building. It could also be because I didn't remember to turn it off silent after leaving the cinema... which may have been yesterday. Or perhaps music is playing at a volume calculated to repel door-to-door salespeople (this works, especially if you refrain from changing the battery in the front-door bell) and neighbours (this works, but is not a good thing), and which is loud enough to drown any mobile-device emission.
Why aren't I carrying it? No pockets, or the wrong-sized pockets, and generally I'm doing things with the hands - cooking, cleaning, cross-stitch, reading (yes, both hands to hold an actual book and, come to think of it, both hands to balance the book-reading device, too. OK, one hand for the book and one for the coffee cup), or gardening. So, the device would have to be put down somewhere - in another room, in the car, down by the compost heap, on the topmost bookshelf, or even in the kitchen tidy (this last may not have happened yet, but it's only a matter of time).
The issue as to why texts remain unread will remain a mystery while I refuse to address it.
So while I may be said to be snubbing those who are trying to communicate with me, at least I can't be accused of phubbing them. For that you have to be in the company of an actual human being, but then spend your time looking at your mobile device of choice, to the exclusion of interaction with the breathing one.
The word and the whole concept of phubbing appeared first in the Macquarie Dictionary, for whom the word was created as part of a visionary ad campaign, but it has now made it to the OED and it is even claimed to have moved on from English into other languages.
Have you ever phubbed or been phubbed?

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