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Which fictional spy enjoyed his drinks 'shaken, not stirred'?

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No Fooling - it's after midday

A pinch and a punch for the first of the month. A slap and a kick for being so quick. And so it escalates...
The first day of any month is a test of strategy for the young. If you tag your sibling and remain within arm's length, you risk an awful revenge. If you fail to tag first, then you are the pinched and punched one. And if the offending sibling is quick enough with the cry of "No returns!", you're stripped of your opportunity for retribution.
I'm saying a test of strategy for the young, as one really ought to outgrow the desire to hurt people regardless of the date.
In April, however, the emphasis changes to the hoax. This is certainly an adult pastime and has moved well out of the domestic sphere.
I've found one, apparently from 1698 -though perhaps this is a hoax, too, which reported locals being invited to see the lions at the Tower of London being washed in the moat. Impressive!
The BBC's spaghetti harvest is still the best ever but there have been some delightful recent offerings. The left-handed hamburger offered by a multi-national burger chain (no, not the golden arches one) was deliciously convincing, as was the left-handed Allen key.
The ones from Scotland appear to be focused on Loch Ness Monster, and why not? That particular spoof has been running 24/7 for years.
The iShave attachment for an iPod is almost logical...
Of course, some care is required when assembling your April Fool's hoax. People got very angry indeed at the move to a digital display for Big Ben, let alone at the faked announcement that Alabama was changing the value of pi from 3.14159 to a 'Bibilcal' value of 3. I'm almost afraid to repeat the New Zealand spoof citing the declining sheep population as a cause of climate change (an albedo thing, they claimed).
What was your favourite April Fool's day joke?

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