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A fox in the henhouse

Sweden is adding a gender-neutral pronoun 'hen' to 'its dictionaries. The word's been around for a while and addresses the same issues in Swedish as we face in English when we find we have to put 'she/he or 'he/she' into a sentence, e.g. "If your child is playing sport at the school, she/he must wear the correct uniform". And, yes, one can reword the sentence to avoid the issue, "Any child playing sport must wear the correct uniform", or move it into the plural, "If children are playing sport at school, they must wear the correct uniform". The point is that, in many cases, the first sentence-form is the one that occurs naturally. 
In the past, of course, the pronoun 'he' was considered to include the female, a usage, according to the OED, now considered to be both dated and sexist. Agree.
This pronoun, hen, is to be used for the subject and the object, i.e. it can be used instead of 'she/he' or 'he/she' and instead of 'him/her' or 'her/him' (see how irritating it is to try to be even-handed using gender-specific pronouns...). The form chosen for the possessive, hens, would be used for 'his/her' or 'her/his'.
The use of the pronoun is not restricted to a sentence format in which one would HAVE to use 'his/her' etc., but is used in any sentence, surely the vast majority of them, in which the gender of the pronoun is irrelevant or requires no explication.
So, what can we achieve in English?
For myself, if we are going to have a gender-neutral pronoun, I can see advantages in having one form the the subject, he/she, and one for the object, her/him, as well as one for the possessive, her/his or his/her and, after writing this sentence, the sooner the better.
And though the word has made it to dictionaries of Swedish, it's still not used in official government documents.
What are your ideas for gender-neutral pronouns for our language?

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