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Which Barbara won a Golden Globe for her part in the TV series "The Thorn Birds"?

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When the Australian National Dictionary Centre announced its word of the year, the winner was, drumroll, SHIRTFRONT, a word dragged from the relative obscurity of Australian Football to the international political arena when PM Abbott threatened to 'shirtfront' Russian President Putin.
Now in Australian Football if you 'shirtfront' someone, you're tackling a usually unsuspecting player, hard, from the front, so that you end up in a chest-to-chest collision before one or both players end up on the grass, or, indeed, are carted off the field - this last may even be the intention of the one performing the 'shirtfront'. It's always a bit rough and can be brutally so.
I'm fairly sure PM Abbott did not mean to 'shirtfront' in this literal sense, perhaps only intending to 'front' or 'confront'. He does appear to have underestimated the number of AFL afficionados in the Australia electorate to whom the somewhat more violent outcome is the only meaning. Result: much enjoyment for the media, satirists, etc., and a salutary reminder to the pollies (another Australian invention, the diminutive of 'politicians', possibly influenced by 'polly parrot') that Australia's football code divide has not disappeared.
And that's just the divide between Rugby (League or Union) and AFL. It becomes even more confusing when you add the beautiful game. Though there's no confusion about the credit due to coach Ange Postecoglou, skipper Mile Jedinak and all the Socceroos for their Asian Cup victory.
The linguistic violence continues, at least to one's aesthetic sense, in the rest of the shortlist - from 'Team Australia', a concept difficult to define, the 'man-bun', the Ned Kelly beard, and the 'coward punch' (less euphemistic than the term 'king hit').
I'm hoping for something a little bit nicer this year.
What new word or words have your heard or read?

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