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Due to a change in ownership of PopCap Games, the license for these products has been withdrawn. We can therefore no longer feature these games on Youplay.com. The good news is that our YouPlay developers are very busy creating new games to add to our current in-house crosswords and puzzles, so watch this space for some exciting challenges ahead!

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'Mic' has been around in the dictionaries for some time, and is clearly written on millions of audio-equipment items in homes ... read more

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Word of the day ontology

by Christine Lovatt

"At a fringe meeting, Oliver Letwin used the word "ontological" to a roomful of Tories. They loved it. They gave a collective shiver of thrilled submission. It's the new Tory deviance: cleverness"

Ontology is the branch of metaphysics dealing with the nature of being. And an ontological argument is one in which God, being defined as most perfect, must exist, since a God who exists is greater than a God who does not. Only intellectuals and scientists would dare use the word.

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Word Fact

by The Quizzard

No English words rhyme with ORANGE, SILVER or PURPLE