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Oh well, that one's been in for a while, but OxfordDictionaries.com has recently added YOLO and ICYMI to the canon... read more

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Word of the day meritocrat

by Christine Lovatt

"If meritocrats believe...that their advancement comes from their own merits, they can feel they deserve whatever they can get."

A meritocrat is a member of the meritocracy, a class of ruling or influential people who are selected for their intelligence rather than their family connections. It is not a new word, but was coined by the British author Michael Young in his satirical 1958 novel The Rise of the Meritocracy.  

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Word Fact

by The Quizzard

The last thing to happen is the ULTIMATE. The next-to-last is the PENULTIMATE, and the second-to-last is the ANTEPENULTIMATE

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