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In 1979, Jon Voight and Faye Dunaway starred in a re-make of WHICH 1931 classic film?

"The Champ"
"The Public Enemy"
"Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde"
"Monkey Business"

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Colouring In-klings

And so from names of colours to that activity for slow Friday afternoons in primary school - yes, taking out the coloured pencils and zoning out while colouring in. I have to admit... read more

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Word of the day Menaissance

by Christine Lovatt

 "Of course, advocates of the Menaissance may argue that we shouldn’t be too concerned about what kind of a man women want these days."
The metrosexual, urbanised, sensitive retrosexual has given way to the Menaissance man - all hail for the modern caveman. The Menaissance claims the naked celebration of old-fashioned manliness.  During this new Menaissance, men display their stoicism, self-respect, decisiveness and assertiveness. It comes from men + Renaissance.

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Word Fact

by The Quizzard

Victor Hugo's Les Miserables contains one of the longest SENTENCES in the French language -- 823 words without a full stop