Trivia Teaser

Who is normally credited as the muse for the Derek and the Dominoes song "Layla"?

Yvonne Kelly
Pattie Boyd
Melia McEnery
Lory Del Santo

What is an avatar?
How do I create my personal avatar?
How do I access the Avatar Store to purchase additional items?
Where can I view my avatar wardrobe?
My chat messages don't seem to get through reliably...
What are chat rooms and how do they work?
Someone is being obscene/rude/etc in a chat room. What can I do?
Competitions and Prizes
I'm a Premium Member. Can I enter the prize pack draws multiple times?
How do I find out if I’ve won a prize?
I've won a prize pack! How long will it take to receive it through the post?
Game Play
I can't seem to enter letters in the crossword, my cursor works but no letters go into the squares!
I don't have time to finish my game? Can I save it for later?
How do I restore my saved games?
What are puzzle archives and how can I access them?
What happened to the Sudoku archive?
Why does the finish page load slower than other pages on the YouPlay site?
My puzzles won't display. What can I do?
The game appears to not respond properly or at all when i click or try to type.
My computer system uses a firewall system, can I still play the games?
General Technical Support
Why aren't the puzzles displaying?
What is ActiveX and do we use it?
Why aren't my puzzles updating every day?
I can't log in. What's the problem?
I've forgotten my password, what do I do?
How do I change my Password?
Leader Boards
What are the game leader boards and how do they work?
Where can I find my name and ranking?
How do I win Tokens?
I have lots of tokens, but what are they and what can I do with them?
Do I lose my tokens if I don’t use them by the end of the month?
Weekly Cash Competition
How will I know if I'm a winner?
Hey - I think my token tally is wrong! Who can I speak to about this?
How is the weekly winner chosen?
I'm a winner - when will I receive my prize?
What happens if I’m a winner but I’ve spent some of my tokens?
Can I calculate the tokens earned by other members?
I’m a Premium Member but I don’t live in Australia, New Zealand or the UK. Why can’t I enter the Weekly Cash Competitions?
Who can enter the Weekly Cash Competitions?
When do the Weekly Cash Competitions begin?
How much cash could I win?
I’m a free member but I would like to upgrade my account so I can enter the Weekly Cash Competitions. How much does this cost and where can I do this?
YouPlay Mail
How many emails can I store in my inbox?
What happens if I reach my message limit?
Can I send to multiple people at once?
Your Account
What is a YouPlay Premium Membership and how much does it cost?
I’d like to become a Premium Member, but I’m worried about the security of my credit card details. What does YouPlay do to protect my personal information?
Can I reactivate a cancelled Premium Membership?
How can I delete saved games from my account if I no longer want to finish them?
I'd like to cancel my Premium Membership?