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Which word means 'come to pass'?


Trivia Combat

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Over 40,000 Lovatts trivia questions, remixed fresh every time.

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How to Play Trivia Combat

Open Trivia Combat

Begin the Trivia Combat game by selecting from the following play options:

Instant Play: Clicking the INSTANT PLAY button will immediately launch the game with a Trivia Category assigned at random. If there are not enough opponents ready to fill the remaining three game places, click on the START NOW button to populate the remaining places with automated YouPlay Team 'Bots'. If you do not wish to play against Bots you can continue to wait until three additional YouPlay members join the game.

Select a Category: Join any game room, providing the password if one has been set.

Create a game: Clicking the SELECT A CATEGORY button allows you to select from the list of available categories including General Knowledge, Movies & TV, Geography, History, Pop Music, Science & Nature, Literature, and Food & Drink. When you've selected your category you can wait for opponents or click on the START NOW button for the Bots to fill the remaining game places.

Play Trivia Combat

1. Each Trivia Combat game features ten quiz questions. Answer the questions before the timer expires.

2. Points are awarded for correct answers. The amount of points won is determined by the length of time remaining after a correct answer has been received. Fast, accurate players will be rewarded with the most points. The table shows when each player answers, marking each question with a tick for a correct answer or a cross for an incorrect one.

3. After ten questions, the order of winners will be displayed. Click PLAY AGAIN to return to the opening screen and begin a new Trivia Combat game.

Game Rules

Each of the four player slots must be filled before a game can commence. Players may be all 'human', one human and three Bots, or a mix of humans and Bots.

When the time bar has run down, the next question is revealed.

Win points both for speed and accuracy: the first to answer a question correctly will score more points than the second-fastest correct, and so on. If you answer incorrectly, no points are awarded and the correct answer is not displayed. Points are never subtracted from your score.

Good luck!

About Trivia Combat

Welcome to Trivia Combat - YouPlay's exclusive multiplayer quiz game!

Hosted by the illustrious Quizzard of Oz, Trivia Combat will test the limits of your knowledge as you compete in real-time for ultimate trivia glory. Race the clock - and your friends - to answer quiz questions quickly and accurately. Totally addicted to trivia? Find out if you've got what it takes to triumph in this thrilling, action-packed challenge!

YouPlay Team Bots

A Trivia Combat game will only begin if all four player slots have been filled. Sometimes, one or more places may be filled by automated 'Bots'. This ensures that you never have to wait very long for a game (although you can choose to wait longer for three other 'human' players if you wish).

The Bots have been modelled on members of the YouPlay Team. Each Bot has been assigned a different level of proficiency - some Bots may be easier to beat than others. (The developers have made it clear they take no responsibility for any bruised egos amongst the Bot models!) Can you tell who is the smartest Bot?

Trivia Combat Questions

You must answer ten quiz questions in each Trivia Combat game. These are sourced from an extensive database of over 50,000 unique questions, custom-compiled by the team at YouPlay/Lovatts Publications.

As you progress through a Trivia Combat game, the questions will increase in difficulty.

Answering Questions

If you are the first to answer a question correctly, congratulations! You will receive the most points.

Keep track of your opponents progress. The table shows when each player answers, marking each question with a tick for a correct answer or a cross for an incorrect one.

Waiting to Play

If you have joined a game room you can chat with your opponents as you wait for the room to fill. The chat window is situated below the game.