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Dynomite ™

About This Game

About Dynomite™

It's prehistoric egg-bloating fun! Use your slingshot to match 3 or more dino eggs of the same colour...and watch them explode! Can you blast all the eggs before Mama Brontosaurus tramples your game?


Dynomite™ Game Modes

Endless Puzzle
Pit your wits against an endless wall of eggs! Watch Whirley the Timekeeper...when his sand runs out he will try to add an egg to the puzzle!

Stomped Puzzle
Clear screens of mind-bending egg arrangements. But keep an eye on Mama's Mood Meter. Every egg you fire makes her madder!


Dynomite™ Skill Levels

For beginners. The challenges are kept to a minimum but so are the opportunities for scoring!

Dynomite™as it's meant to be played! A good balance between difficulty and scoring.

For heroes only! The puzzle will make you sweat, but your score will soar and soar!



Screen Shots

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