A CALkuro grid is made up of different coloured Sets, each consisting of one or more Cells. To solve the puzzle, the correct number must be placed in each of the Cells according to the following rules:

  • Fill in the Cells without repeating a number in any row or column.
  • A number may be repeated in a Set, but not in a row or column.
  • For a 4x4 puzzle use the numbers 1-4, for a 6x6 puzzle use the numbers 1-6 and so on.
  • The numbers in each Set (set of heavily-outlined same-coloured cells) must combine to equal the number in the top corner using the arithmetic sign in the top corner.
  • Sets with just one cell can be filled in straight away with the number in the top corner.
  • Enter option numbers at the bottom of each cell.

CALkuro Glossary

TARGET NUMBER: A Target Number is the number that appears in the upper left corner of each Set. All of the Cells in the Set must equal the value of the Target Number after applying the specified mathematical procedure (either addition, subtraction, multiplication or division). You will know which to use because a symbol will appear next to the Target Number.

Example: If the Target Number in a Set is 5+, each of the individual Cells within that Set must total 5 when added together.

SETS: Sets consist of one or more Cells, and each Set has a dedicated Target Number. Each Set is heavily outlined, distinguishing it from the rest.

Just like Sudoku, a number can only appear once in any row or column - but numbers can appear more than once in a Set.

Cell Candidates

Lovatts CALkuro puzzles can always be solved without having to use guesswork, however in the larger puzzles, there may be several possibilities to work through. There is only ever one correct solution for each puzzle.

At the bottom of each Cell is a space where you can type in possible Candidates. Click your mouse cursor in this space, then type in each of the numbers that could potentially be correct. As you start to fill in the Cell Candidates, the correct answer will become apparent. When you have successfully completed a Set, any Cell Candidates will automatically disappear.

You can refer to these game instructions at any time during the game by clicking on the link at the bottom of the games screen.