The ultimate diving game - Treasure Dive Trivia

Answer fifteen multiple-choice trivia questions.

Click on the answer (A, B, C or D) you think is correct to proceed to the next question. Each question must be answered correctly before you can continue.

Air supply is determined by accuracy. If you answer a question correctly on the first attempt, your oxygen will replenish and the next question will appear. If you answer correctly on the second attempt you will receive less air, and even less for answering correctly on the third attempt.

The questions will progressively become more difficult. Check the status of a question on the ‘Difficulty Level’ bar to the right. This bar also displays the number of questions left to answer before you reach the bottom.

The game will end if you run out of air!

Game Options

EXIT: Click to return to the Game Selection page

MUTE: Click to turn off the sounds

Game Features

POINTS COUNTER: Displays how many points you have won during the game

TOKENS COUNTER: Displays how many tokens you have won during the game