Solve the cryptic crossword clues and fill in the answers on the grid.

Use the mouse to click on a square in the grid. The square you select is highlighted in pink, the word-space is highlighted in yellow and the corresponding clue is highlighted in the ‘Clues’ column on the right. Click again to change the direction of the word-space from ACROSS to DOWN (or back again).

Or, use the mouse to click on any clue in the ‘Clues’ column on the right. This will highlight both the clue (in the column on the right) and the word-space in the crossword.

Solve the cryptic crossword's clue and type in the answer. If you are correct, the word-space will be highlighted in blue. When you have finished typing in an answer, use the Space Bar to move to the next clue.

Deleting or changing letters
Click on the letter then use the Backspace key. Or click on the letter and just type another one over it. Once you have typed in the correct letter, it cannot be changed.

Moving about cryptic crosswords
Use the Space Bar or Arrow keys to move around the crossword. If you were in an ACROSS word-space on the cryptic crossword, the Space Bar will move you to the next word going ACROSS. If you were in a DOWN word-space, it will move you to the next word going DOWN.

Game Options

PRINT: Click to print cryptic crosswords
  • Available to YouPlay Premium Members only
  • Print feature is only available for the daily cryptic crosswords puzzle
SAVE: Click to save your cryptic crosswords
  • YouPlay Premium Members receive 10 save slots
  • YouPlay Members receive 3 save slots
PAUSE: Click to halt the timer if you wish to pause during game play

EXIT: Click to return to the Game Selection page

Game Features

Token Counter
Shows how many tokens you have won during the game

The timer starts as soon as you open the cryptic crossword

Boost your score - multiply your points by working faster and smarter

Click on a word-space in the crossword to select it. Then click on 'Use a Hint' and the word will be filled in for you
  • YouPlay Premium Members receive 8 hints
  • YouPlay Members receive 8 hints