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News and reviews...


By MAGMan P.I.

Hi YouPlayers

I’m back! In fact, I’ve never been away. Just silenced, briefly, by my critics. But you can’t keep a good MagMan down...

In the lab:
Coming up next week, Dr Play will be issuing scalpels to volunteers to dissect an exciting new puzzle - details of which will soon be revealed.

Book Club news - of mice and men:
Speaking of lab rats, don't forget to check out August’s Book of the Month, ‘Flowers for Algernon’ by Daniel Keyes. According to YP’s lovely Angelica, it’s a thought-provoking story featuring Charlie Gordon, born with a low IQ, who undergoes experimental surgery to increase his intelligence following a successful trial on a lil’ white rodent named Algernon. But when the mighty mouse becomes erratic, takes ill and ultimately scampers off to that great cheese factory in the sky, Charlie is forced to confront his own mortality. Read Angelica’s more eloquently worded synopsis in the Book Club (apparently it’s nothing like Stuart Little – more’s the pity!):

And reviews...
Thanks for your feedback re July’s Book of the Month by James Patterson. Most thought it was an enjoyable read, but not outstanding. There were exceptions. Some likened the, ‘Stepping on a Crack’ experience to stepping in some c-r-a-p.  Let’s hope this month’s book provokes even livelier debate.

The latest from Lovatts:
You may have noticed some subtle changes here on YouPlay. Most notably, we’ve included links above to the Lovatts International stores where you can browse mags and merchandise. This month’s juicy special: we're taking 5% and 10% off our already reduced online prices for one and two year subscriptions to THE LOT - our best value magazine package featuring seven great titles! Details here

Thanks for reading. It’s nice to be back. And fingers crossed, Jess will also be back on deck next week...

Bye for now
MagMan P.I.

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2 Responses to

News and reviews...

Tazjulz said:
August 09, 2009 at 11:37 PM

Welcome back MM P.I., It has just not been the same without you classic smell...sorry smile, noticed you still have not changed that shirt.

haylez444 said:
October 09, 2009 at 4:48 PM

welcome back m.m wish the best on youplay talk again soon