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By Jessie

Come in, come in YouPlayers – don’t dawdle! See, we’ve been toiling like busy little elves to get the place all ready for you. Hundreds of lights are twinkling in the eaves and dancing around the tree. Soothing carols play softly in the background and – ooh, watch for that strategically placed mistletoe! Here’s an icy glass of bubbles – cheers! – And have you seen the table?

Look – it’s groaning under the bounty of mince pies and fruit cake, chocolate truffles and candy canes. There are piles of roasted nuts, bite-sized morsels, plates of cheeses and platters of salads. A glazed ham studded with cloves gleams majestically, and taking pride of place in the centre of the spread sits a burnished turkey surrounded by lashings of accompaniments.

Cranberry jelly, gravy and mustard, tender brussels sprouts and potatoes abound. The pudding is flaming and boozy, the cherries and mangos are divine perfection and the bonbon jokes are… well they're terrible!

Santa has just arrived with gifts for everyone, and the children are a writhing mass of laughing, tangled limbs, running wild with sugar-spun glee…

Merry Christmas to you all – let the celebrations commence!  

YouPlay Holiday Hunt

Kicking off our 2012 festivities is everyone’s favourite event, the YouPlay Christmas Holiday Hunt ! Search the site for 30 themed items – the first members to find them all will WIN some amazing prizes including an iPad mini and 2 x $250 Amazon gift vouchers!

The Holiday Hunt competition period opens at midday (AEDST) 6th December 2012 and closes at midday (AEDST) 19th December 2012. The game will remain open to play until the 26th December.

Read more about the Holiday Hunt

Xmas Collective - Submit & WIN!

Created by YouPlayers, FOR YouPlayers…

This year, I’d like your help on a very special Christmas project. I’m calling for submissions for a collection of Christmas stories, recipes, advice for surviving the silly season, gift ideas, etc. which I will eventually publish into a PDF blog post for us all to enjoy.

Are you famous in your family for your shortbread recipe? Have a funny or inspirational holiday story you want to share? Are you a crafter with the perfect home-made gift ideas? Well I want your tips and tricks!

Send me an email with your submission (please don’t just post it in the comments section of this blog) and I will include it in the collection:


Don’t forget to include a photo, picture or illustration! Or maybe just share a photo of yourself in your festive finery! (Please remember I can only publish original material).


All published entrants will go into a random draw to WIN one of three YouPlay Prize packs (RRP $50). 

Jessie x

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axolotl said:
December 19, 2012 at 12:32 PM

Congratulations Valkyrie21 and Pluck! Thanks to Jessie and the YP team for another exciting competition, and all the best for a fantastic festive season and a wonderful New Year. Cheers!!

tiggercat said:
December 19, 2012 at 1:06 PM

Congratulations to the winners, well done! It was a fun hunt but I confess to a feeling of relief this morning when all I had to do was play the games! Merry Christmas everyone.

maggaz said:
December 19, 2012 at 1:28 PM

Congratulations to the winners, I started off well, but ended up with only 27. Maybe next year.Best wishes for the Festive Season to all players and All who work so hard at YouPlay

Pluck said:
December 19, 2012 at 3:04 PM

Congratulations to Valkyrie21 and Axolotl. How exciting. Thankyou YP and Jessie for the opportunity. Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy New Year.

Zacpark said:
December 21, 2012 at 12:23 PM

I wish everyone at YP and their families a safe, happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year. Congratulations to the hunt winners ... well done! To the rest of us ... better luck next year.

mirijoy61 said:
May 17, 2013 at 12:31 AM

howdy new to this