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Arthur Christmas Competition!


By Jessie

The treats just keep coming this week on YouPlay!

Christmas is closing in and my personal HUFF (Hopelessly Unprepared For Festivities) levels are beginning to climb. Thank goodness there’s a brand new competition to distract me from my to-do list and kick-start our YP holiday festivities!

In conjunction with our friends at Sony, I’m thrilled to announce the Arthur Christmas Trivia Competition. This fantastic new animated film – in cinemas from November 24th – finally answers that age-old question: How does Santa deliver all those presents in one night?

Featuring the voices of Hugh Laurie, Jim Broadbent, Bill Nighy and Imelda Staunton, Arthur Christmas is a deliciously entertaining holiday treat that will delight young and old.
Enter the Arthur Christmas Trivia Competition by watching the film trailer and answering ten quiz questions. There are ten fun prize packs to be won! Each pack (valued at $155) includes:

•    1 x family pass (2 adults and 2 children) to see Arthur Christmas
•    1 x Arthur Christmas digital watch
•    1 x Arthur Christmas scarf
•    1 x Arthur Christmas magnet frame

Don’t forget you can enter as many times as you like! Top ten leader board place holders at the end of the competition period each win a prize pack.

Enter the Arthur Christmas Competition

Jessie x

Publishers Australia Excellence AwardsPS: Congratulations to! We won the “Runner Up: Best Website” award at the Publishers Australia Excellence Awards held last Friday in Sydney.

PPS: As a special treat, read on to discover all the fascinating details about Santa's North Pole Christmas Operations...


By “Arthur Christmas” writers Peter Baynham & Sarah Smith

  • 38 million children write to Santa every year. Their letters are scanned into the North Pole’s three trillion terabyte server, which keeps information on every child’s Nice/Naughty ratings, presents requested, presents approved and everything from changes made this year to houses’ layout, to squeaks in their floorboards, to what new pet hazards might be expected.

  • The North Pole servers are constantly under attack from hackers. The organization ChimniLeaks (or SaintNickiLeaks) claims to have in its possession childhood naughtiness records for several public figures, including The Queen, Bill Gates, Ashton Kutcher, Oprah Winfrey and six US Presidents. However, when President Richard Nixon’s niceness score appeared to be consistently above 90% for his entire childhood, these figures were disregarded as fake.

  • Until Santa’s last reindeer-drawn sleigh was scrapped, it was powered by Potash of Carboniloroxy Amilocitrate (better known as ‘Magic Dust’). It is an airborne reactive compound mined from the Aurora Borealis. In its raw form, it is a mixture of photons and anti-gravitational ions, but upon extraction from the Borealis, it was ‘baked’ in an FPO (Festive Propellant Oven) until the Potash residue rose and was stored in iron casks. Even though each cask weighed 180 pounds empty (due to its lead lining), with the ‘Magic Dust’ inside it would only weigh 3 pounds!

  • As part of its exhaustive preparation for the Big Mission, three times a week Santa’s entire elf army rehearses a crisis scenario. The latest drill involved a scenario in which the Central Gift Server crashed for 9 seconds, accidentally delivering 19.3 million Canadian children barbecue thermometers. Every elf was involved in a mission to reenter a simulation of Montreal to replace the unexciting meat temperature gauges with the kids’ proper presents.

  • Santa’s son Steve Claus is always researching ways to improve Christmas or bring it up to date. He even tried to persuade Santa to launch four festive seasons, so as to ‘maximize consumer take-up’. The seasons would be called Spring Christmas, Summer Christmas, Autumn Christmas and Winter Christmas. His theory was that it’s costly and impractical to have a whole army on ‘preparative standby’ for 364 days. Santa refused, arguing that Christmas coming just once a year, at Christmas, is what keeps it magic. ‘Besides,’ added Santa, ‘Parents would want my head on a plate.’

  • The word ‘Christmas’ is copyrighted. Every time you say ‘Christmas’ or sing a song with the word ‘Christmas’ in it, the North Pole receives a small royalty, which it puts towards a charity for retired elves. ‘Xmas’, however, isn’t copyrighted by Santa (it’s rumoured to belong to a global oil corporation) so please don’t use it if you want to help old elves.

    Enter the Arthur Christmas Competition


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Arthur Christmas Competition!

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