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YP Member in Profile #2


By Jessie

I'm thrilled to present the second in our series of interviews with YouPlay Members...just like you! 

There's nothing more I like better than having a good fossick around in the fascinating lives of the fabulous folk that make up our diverse community (we're of a singular class us puzzlers, don't you know?) And I think that finding out just what makes you lot tick makes for very interesting reading indeed.

Don't forget if YOU would like to be featured as a Member in Profile then send me an email . Go on, please do - I would so much like to meet you!

Without further ado...

Introducing… YP Member Anne McArdle!

ANNE: I love crossword puzzles and logic; anything to do with words fascinates me. I am also at home with a bad back, and trying every possible treatment I can find for some kind of relief. Taking a crossword book along while I’m in a waiting room can make the time go a lot faster.

Visiting YouPlay also seems to make the time pass faster. Sometimes I’m wandering about at 1am in the morning because I can’t sleep so YouPlay is the perfect way to have something to do without waking up my husband.

I am also a very early riser so I do the puzzles I like while I have a cup of tea. If I have a problem with a clue, out comes my trusty dictionary and thesaurus, they are both early editions (as in 1986) but they still do the job.

You sound like you’ve been an avid puzzler for some time now. Can you recall the first puzzles that got you hooked?

A: I started with small crossword puzzles as a child; they helped me with my spelling. As I gained confidence I graduated to the Mega crossword books, I also love the Acrostic puzzles.

J: Tell us about your love of reading…

A: Since first learning to read I am very rarely without a book in my hand. I visit the local library once a week and generally take out at least five books. I passed on my love of reading to my children. My favourite genres at the moment are thrillers, detective stories, courtroom drama, and psychological drama. My husband jokes sometimes that I am looking for the perfect way to get rid of him.

What are your other hobbies?

A: Other hobbies I enjoy are card making, knitting, sewing, cooking, pretty much anything handmade and crafty. When I was at school we used to have sewing classes and it started from there; I used to spend my pocket money on fabric and embroidery cottons and make tablecloths.

My sister and I went to a craft exhibition and I felt like I'd gone to heaven. My love of card making was born and now I make all my own birthday and Xmas cards for the family. Every year my family all receive home made presents I've made - cushions, wall hangings, embroidery in picture frames, home made biscuits.

I also love doing jigsaw puzzles  - the bigger the better! I could really say I'm never bored as I always have some kind of project on the go.

My husband built shelves and a large bench for me in one of the spare bedrooms now that my children have moved away from home so I have my own space to spread out peacefully and just shut the door when I'm finished.

My favourite receipes are casseroles and roasts; I don't really have a sweet tooth. My husband prefers plain basic foods so I can't experiment too much!

J: Do your family share your love for puzzles?

A: Yes my mother loves crosswords - she uses them to try to improve her English. We migrated from Finland 51 years ago and mum still doesn't feel quite confident with her communication skills so she persists with crosswords to discover new words and how to spell properly.

J: What’s your best holiday memory?

A: I have four sisters and a brother and every Xmas we would load all the camping gear in the back of the trusty old station wagon; you can imagine what a tight squeeze it was but we would sing songs and play games the whole way. We always went to Eildon and stayed at the Jamieson caravan park. Dad would go fishing and we spent days wandering around in the bush and going swimming; those were the days of innocence when you could do all that without constant parental supervision.
J: What are your favourite puzzles – and can you give us a puzzling tip?
My favourite puzzles are crosswords and any word puzzles I havn`t mastered the cryptic as yet. If I have a problem with a down clue I write it on a piece of paper and find it easier to find the answer that way

J: Finally, what have been your favourite YouPlay moments – so far!

A: I have won a couple of prizes for which I am very grateful. I especially love the Easter Egg Hunt and the Xmas Hunt. I’m afraid I get a bit manic over those ones and could spend all day looking for symbols. I love to complete my puzzles and even won a prize for the Easter Egg Hunt - I was so excited when I found the last symbol. I also love to change my Avatar constantly.


Jessie x

PS: Have you played the all new WORD POWER game yet? Goodness gracious me I do like to play that game a lot.

PPS: Don't forget to email me if you'd like to be featured as a 'Member in Profile'!

7 Responses to

YP Member in Profile #2

kragzy said:
July 29, 2010 at 10:13 AM

Anne, you sound like the type of person who would love cryptic crosswords! When I was an apprentice (40 years ago) a kindly old tradesman sat down with at lunchbreaks and taught me some of the tricks. I've been doing them ever since. I hope you can find someone who can do the same for you. Cryptics are heaps of fun - challenging and amusing at the same time.

July 29, 2010 at 11:31 AM

Anne, if you go on to Christine Lovatt's site (apparently situated on the same premises as the YouPlay, but her site is more for flogging her puzzle books, etc.) you will find that she has a special section on how to do cryptic puzzles. And believe me, they are great fun to do. They are actually my favourite puzzles together with the code cracker.

July 31, 2010 at 1:55 PM

Wow I have just had a look at that site liesl... and completed the session on cryptic crosswords. Now everything is clearer - always wondered about those cryptic clues!!

August 01, 2010 at 10:15 AM

Thanks for letting me know about the site for cryptic crosswords I`II have to give it a try

August 01, 2010 at 2:15 PM

Glad to be of service, people. And no, I am not employed by Christine. I have just been a fan of her puzzle books for as long as she put them out before she began this site.

Goodmoods said:
August 03, 2010 at 8:36 PM

hey all, i just seen epics name so i thought i would see what it was, nice to know you anne, and good luck with the cryptics they are frustrating as all...ummm...hell

Shaggy said:
August 04, 2010 at 12:11 PM

Hi Jessie! I was the other person who has shared their story with YouPlayers... that's two of us with bad backs that have found YouPlay puzzles a therapeutic distraction! They should get a medal from the chronic pain sufferers of the world! Thanks for sharing your story, glad I wasn't the only one!