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What was the name of the inventor of a coloured puzzle cube?


NEW Trivia for iPhones!


By Jessie

Love YP Trivia? Got an iPhone or iPod Touch? Hoorah – now you can combine the two with YouPlay’s brand new, super-excellent Go! Trivia application. Satisfy your quiz addiction anywhere, anytime.

Go! Trivia features:

- Over 6000 premium quiz questions
- Leader boards
- Detailed game results
- Take the two minute challenge

and lots more!

Visit the Go! Trivia website for more details

Download Go! Trivia to your iTunes account


YouPlay Member Event – SE QLD

If you happen to live near Mt Gravatt in Southern QLD, here’s your chance to meet and greet fellow YouPlayers over a glass or two of something cold and refreshing. Following on from last year’s great success, another social event has been organised by a group of fantastic members who live around this area – and they’d dearly like to extend an invitation to you!

Date: Tuesday 19th January
Time: 11am
Place: Dicey Reilly’s Irish Pub, Cnr Logan & Kessels Roads, Upper Mt Gravatt QLD

To RSVP to this event - or for further details, contact organising member stitchpuzz by sending her an email via your YP account.

Hmmm, a table of passionate puzzlers at an Irish pub in the QLD summer sunshine? Now there’s a feisty combination to be sure (to be sure.) Don’t forget to send me some pictures to publish you lot - I only wish I could be there in person…

Devastated ’cause you don’t live in SE QLD? Fear not, for I have the solution. Dry your tears, take action and organise your own event! Once you’ve worked out the logistics, send me an email from your YP inbox (to “Jessie”) and I’ll publish the details in this blog. Please note that while YouPlay can’t take on any responsibility for the event management – if you let me know well in advance, I’ll do my best to arrange delivery of a box of goodies for the day - yay!


January Book Club Read

This month we’re reading best-selling inspirational memoir Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert - why not join in the fun. Discover what YouPlay reader reviewers have to say about the book and post your own comments. Your favourite book of all time? Completely over-rated? Meh? You decide! And as for moi - well, I've rustled up a fresh pot of tea, a gigantic box of maltesers, and I’m off to the comfy chair to draw my own conclusions – happy reading!

Visit the Book Club

Jessie x

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NEW Trivia for iPhones!

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