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Xmas Trivia Comp Begins!


By Jessie

The magic of the season continues with the launch of our Christmas TRIVIA COMBAT Tournament!

Enter the week-long multiplayer Trivia Tournament for a chance to WIN! The YouPlay Member who records the most wins on the competition Leader Board will take home a fantastic PopCap games pack. Nineteen runners-up will also receive a prize!

Enter the Christmas Tournament


Meet the Christmas 'Bots! 


NAME: Santa Bot

OCCUPATION: Spreading bounteous joy through mass-produced trinkets, spontaneously appearing in shopping centres and street parades, saying “ho ho ho”.

HOBBIES: Old timey woodwork, the clandestine kissing of mothers beneath sprigs of mistletoe, maintaining a ‘plump’ and ‘jolly’ demeanour, compulsive naughty/nice list-making, shunning the non-believers, beards, Capitalism. 

DISLIKES: The skyway traffic patrol, the Easter Bunny, reindeer who “don’t pull their weight”. 

Enter the Christmas Tournament


Christmas TRIVIA COMBAT Tournament Elf Bot

NAME: Elf Bot

OCCUPATION: Toymaking servant of Santa, hurling "magical" glitter at startled bystanders, bursting into complex, gravity-defying jigs.    

HOBBIES: Telling Grinch Bot to “Turn that frown upside down”, hand-clapping, Hollywood smiles, engaging in passive-aggressive behaviour, Oprah.

DISLIKES: “Negative” people, non-pointy shoes, Oompa-loompas

Enter the Christmas Tournament


Christmas TRIVIA COMBAT Tournament Grinch Bot

NAME: Grinch Bot

OCCUPATION: Crushing the spirit of Christmas.

HOBBIES: Pouting, “angst”, the haunting music of Fall Out Boy, saying “I hurt myself so I can feel alive”, pretending to be a vampire, black nail polish, visiting graveyards to write bad poetry, asymmetrical hair.

DISLIKES: Daylight, society, jocks, elves. 

Enter the Christmas Tournament

Jessie x

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2 Responses to

Xmas Trivia Comp Begins!

Tinkers said:
December 09, 2009 at 11:47 PM

The Xmas Trivia Comp certainly is a lot of fun. The only thing missing is a small token prize for the LOSER of the Comp. Good luck to all Competitors. By the way, love the Festive look. Well done, YouPlay.

December 10, 2009 at 7:19 AM

Lol Tinkers it is a great idea for the loser prize.