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Father's Day Frolics


By Jessie

Father’s Day is swiftly approaching and if you’re anything like me, the typical gift buying experience goes something like this:

1. Spend the month prior to the event tripping through the days, breezily oblivious to the increasingly shrill “time’s running out to buy the perfect gift for dad” announcements played endlessly on the radio, found spilling out of your mailbox (especially if it features a “no junk mail” sticker) and screamed from large signs hung gaudily amongst appropriately ‘manful’ shop window displays. Especially if the happy merchant of said shop is dedicated to the fine art of peddling knives, blades and other sharp objects. Or huntin’, fishin’, campin’ provisions. Or those novelty ties, boxer shorts and stubbie holders that some men seem to enjoy.

2. Still fail to make the connection when your mother calls repeatedly to confirm your attendance “…at the family Father’s Day lunch. Next weekend Jess. Are you even listening? Lord help me, what did I do to deserve such a dizzy daughter? Your sister has spent the last six months cross-stitching your father’s favourite scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey onto a picnic rug and I bet you haven’t even thought about a gift…Jess? Are you ther…[click]”       

3. Realise that the only time you have left to think about gift shopping is half an hour the day before. At the late night chemist or the petrol station. Feel somewhat mortified at the prospect of presenting your dad with an overpriced box of servo chocolates and a jumbo bottle of Mylanta (“for your reflux, dad”). Distract yourself from the shame by instead getting angry at the injustice of yet another commercially-driven ‘Hallmark Holiday’ and commence shaking your fist at startled pedestrians from the car window.  

Ah yes, such are the trials of my life. But this year all is not lost! Yes, I have left things to the last minute. Yes, I have re-confirmed my mother’s suspicions that I have the attention span of an attention-challenged mosquito. But no - sweet victory! This year my dad will NOT be getting pharmaceuticals and confectionery (from me anyway). This year I’m giving the gift that will keep on giving. For you see, my dad loves crosswords – especially what he calls the “serious” kind. So I’m taking advantage of this great Father’s Day offer from Lovatts – a subscription to COLOSSUS Crosswords magazine – which, until September 6 – comes with two bonus gifts!

Read more about the Lovatts Father’s Day special offer

If you’re after a fuss-free present for a dad who likes puzzles, I strongly recommend you check out the great range of Lovatts gift subscriptions on offer. There’s a title for every puzzle lover – from Sudoku, Findawords, Cryptics, Crosswords, Code Crackers – yep, something for everyone!

View the complete list of Lovatts subscriptions

Anyhoo, whatever you decide to give dad next weekend, from a diamond-encrusted paperweight statue of King George V to a packet of jersey caramels and a large can of stout, may you both find joy in the giving and the receiving. And happy Father’s Day to all the YouPlay dads!

Jessie x

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Father's Day Frolics

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