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Days of Our YouPlayers


By Jessie

Thanks to those Premium Members who have volunteered to become an Official YouPlay Game Tester™ - a serious and even dangerous responsibility adopted by selfless heroes whose only desire is to further the greater puzzling cause. Friday 14th is the final day for submissions and selected members will be contacted next week with a full outline of their first testing mission.

For the rest of us, I can now reveal that the next new YP game release is imminent and just may contain the words “multiplayer” and “trivia” in the title. [Oooh…so cryptic].

If you’d like to participate in future events such as game testing which are exclusive to YP subscribers, why not sign up today? A Premium Membership is cheap as chips, loads of fun and you can bask in the knowledge that you’re helping support the development of new games and site features.

Sign-up as a Premium Member here

Book Club Update

Hands up if you’ve read this month’s book Flowers for Algernon yet? Come on, don’t be shy! Hmmm, that is simply not good enough. [Waggling finger and adopting a stern schoolmistress tone] I demand you immediately gather together a copy of the book, a large quantity of chocolate, a steaming pot of tea (or glass of your favourite tipple) then sink into a warm relaxing bath and get cracking. As penance there’ll be no distracting bubbles allowed. Oh, okay – just a few bubbles. And maybe a scented candle or two [sigh].

If you have read the book, why not submit your comments on the Book Club blog. I’ve added some 'Points for Discussion' in the Jessie’s Thoughts section that may inspire you.

Have your say in the YP Book Club 

Some Housekeeping: A big thanks to Andy, Dr. Play, the always lovely Angelica and the always…um, moustached MAGMan for taking over editorial duties during my mysterious, unexplained absence. Which just leaves the perplexing question: Where have I been? Well. You would NEVER believe what…Oh would you look at that, I’ve run out of room...

[Adopts honeyed tones of soap opera narrator] Tune in next week when I’ll reveal a secret, drop a bombshell and possibly return from the dead to marry my sister’s son’s father-in-law who turns out to be my brother. Possibly.

Jessie x

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Days of Our YouPlayers

August 20, 2009 at 8:05 PM

Jessie, Obviously you heve been watching "The Bold" way too often. LOL