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Tweet Tweet!


By Jessie

You can now follow YouPlay on Twitter. Day and night, be the first to read the latest YP news and views! 

Jessie: what are you on about?

Twitter is the latest social networking phenomenon that allows members to tell the world what they're up to at any particular moment. Whether you're running for the bus, solving an exceptionally hard puzzle or just lying in the grass making pictures out of clouds, Twitter lets you shout about it in a "Tweet".

YAWN: And pray tell Jessie, why would I want to read about how someone I've never met has just eaten a mothball by accident?

If every "Twitterer" was allowed unlimited licence to relentlessly rant and rave about the minutiae of their daily existence with all the smug self-indulgence of a politician in a primary school, then yes, I would agree that this whole internet thingy had gone way too far and we should all unplug, disconnect, log off and then run screaming for the (fibre optic cable-less) hills. 

Thank goodness then that every Tweet is governed by the twin laws of conciseness and clarity - you have to get your point across in 140 characters or less.

That last sentence for instance, was 139 characters and would thus pass muster. The previous paragraph however, would not.

And so, we come to the second reason I like Twitter. You see, often I arrive in the morning at YP HQ skipping through the door with unrestrained glee at all the time I'll have to spend talking to you lot. Until - like clockwork - the menacing cloud of my boss looms in the doorway, lurching violently beneath the shocking weight of an armful of paperwork that must be completed. By me.     

Well I've decided to fight back! No longer shall I be restrained by these barbaric shackles! With Twitter I can flee the office and chat away anywhere via my laptop or mobile. Hoorah!

If you'd like to follow YouPlay on Twitter, and you don't already have a Twitter account, visit and sign up today. It's free and really easy to do. You'll get the whole YouPlay experience on our Twitter page - or browse the latest Tweets in the Player's Lounge.

Jessie ("I promise my Tweets will be really interesting") x 

4 Responses to

Tweet Tweet!

June 15, 2009 at 7:37 PM

Jessie, I have been rather busy for a couple of weeks or so, so did only the puzzles and left. Today I have looked around the site, and found your letters. I read it earlier, and tried to get on to tweet even less successfully than the other site, the one where Kath and others grow trees or something. Please, please bring back a Chat Forum on this site. It was extremely popular, and since there seem to be no comments on here, it means that people have got out of the habit of looking past the puzzles and games. I assume that that is not very good for your YouPlay image. Or business, I guess. And yes, I am nagging you people about the forum. It was one of the best things on this site, that made it so very much better than other puzzle and games sites.

Wakijaki said:
June 18, 2009 at 9:51 PM

I agree with Liesl Grimm. I really miss the chat on this site. It brought the site alive. At present it is just another game site, cold and pretty sterile. Going to Twitter doesn't give the sense of community this site once had.

kiwi_girl said:
June 24, 2009 at 6:41 AM

i agree as well i think we should have someting to bring the site alive and out of the ordinary so there will be more members.

July 08, 2009 at 11:36 AM

All i can say that with you play games on twitter that you play is improving all the time.