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YP Book of Love & Friendship


By Jessie

The YP Book of Love and Friendship

Don't know if you're anything like me, but each February, I tend to break out in a most unattractive rash which Dr. Play mysteriously assures me originates from an excess of scornful, jaded cynicism. While I would never doubt the good doctor, it just seems such a coincidence that this monstrous disfigurement (easily distinguished by the following symptoms: rolling eyes, undue sarcasm, propensity to cry a flood of tears upon hearing the words "red" and "roses", wanton fist-shaking, etc) always seems to occur around...St. Valentine's Day.


Well, in true YouPlay spirit I say enough to false Hallmark holiday sentiments, overpriced trinkets and sitting awkwardly in a restaurant along with other swept-up couples being serenaded by a cheesy, tone-deaf "violinist" whose reportoire consists entirely of "songs" from The Lady and the Tramp Disney movie. You know who you are. 

This St. Valentine's Day, I want to rediscover the true meaning of love in all its many guises - and I want you to help me. After the success of our Christmas e-book, we've decided to create another to celebrate love and friendship. Contribute to the book by sharing your stories, poems, love(ly) recipes, relationship/singles tips, etc - every entrant will receive a very special 'Cryptic Triptych' gift from us! Remember, this topic is quite broad - think the love you have for your children, grandparents, neighbour, pets; or pay tribute to someone who has been a true friend.

Post your love and friendship pieces here

Read the News Article about the E-book

NEWSFLASH: MagMan Strikes Again!

That rapscallion MagMan P.I. has posted the next in his series of outrageous blogs and quite frankly, I'm speechless. YouPlayers, what have we unleashed??? Actually, I blame you lot for encouraging him [sniff].

Read MagMan P.I.'s Latest Blog

YouPlay Pets for Polaroid PoGo Competition

Time's running out to make your pet a superstar in our YouPlay Pets for Polaroid PoGo photo competition. We've received some fantastic entries so don't be shy - keep 'em coming! If your entry is chosen as one of the top twelve photos, you'll receive an amazing gift from our friends at Polaroid plus your fluffy, furry, feathery or scaly friend will be used to create a new Memory Match-style game, launching on YP in March. 

Enter the YP Pets for Polaroid PoGo Comp here

Jessie x


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YP Book of Love & Friendship

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