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Story Of A (Smelly) Scoundrel


By Jessie

What does it take to tame a MagMan?

I tell you, I'm at my wits end. Oh YouPlayers, for two whole days I've scoured and scrubbed, buffed and brushed layers of potent, masculine grime from the P.I.'s powerful pecs. I've grappled and clutched and wrestled him to the floor in an effort to freshen his flanks and polish his --[ahem]. 

Anyway, my blushing bloodhound may have turned to science to explain his stark-naked situation, but I fear it has less to do with the so-called Butterfly Effect, more the Buttered Fly Defect - that zip came down so fast I suspect it was pre-greased! Sheesh, talk about the Chaos Leery...  

But I digress. This is where it all becomes too, too horrible - just as a MAN began to emerge from the mire, he turned to show me the most enormous, disgusting...oh no, I can't say. It's too awful - he'll have to tell you himself. 

Discover the frightening truth in MagMan P.I.'s blog

Australia Day Sudoku Combat Winners

The battles raged for five straight days, the intensity was raw and real... Congratulations to the following 1st place category winners in the Australia Day Sudoku Combat Marathon: "Ace" Zaku (Easy); "Bonzer" Darkbele (Medium); "You beaut" G.I.Ho (Hard) and "Fair dinkum" Warlord (Evil). Player of the Marathon goes to G.I.Ho, who managed to score a top 3 spot in every single category. Girl you are truly ridgy didge.

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Jessie x

2 Responses to

Story Of A (Smelly) Scoundrel

January 29, 2009 at 5:09 PM

hope the game isnt another one that you have to buy..

mosquito said:
January 30, 2009 at 10:44 PM

me too, lakedraxis. I cant afford to buy them,