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Here's to a mighty fine 2009...


By Jessie

The sun's a-shining, the bird's are a-chirping, new games are a-coming and MagMan P.I. is...[cough] a-stripping?

I love the first week of January. No really, what could be better than sleeping in, brunching on juicy summer fruits then retiring to the hammock with my Lovatts Holiday Collection puzzle book? Of course before I can relax I'd better check on Dr. Play and the Quizzard, both of whom are being suspiciously quiet in the shed which appears to be...on fire! And what is that pitiful mewing sound? Oh dear, McTroy's been chased up a tree by the bees again. Yes indeedy, I just luurvve this time of year...

At least I can keep the local fire brigade busy. After they're finished rescuing McTroy and the others from, er, themselves, they can point their hoses in the direction of MagMan P.I.'s latest blog which is scorching! This week a somewhat porkier Hofficer reminisces about his almost-role as a TV heart-throb and threatens (promises?) to unbuckle for a BIG incentive. As for the insinuation that I need more bicarb in my sweet treats, well - I'm shocked and hurt. Believe me, if I was to indulge in a bout of slow-motion running along the beach, my enormous bouncing muffins would threaten to block out the sun!

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NEW GAME ALERT: What better way to ring in a brand new year than with a brand new game! Keep an eye out for a super-sequel to one of THE most popular YP games - launching in the coming days. 

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Jessie x


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2 Responses to

Here's to a mighty fine 2009...

January 07, 2009 at 2:26 AM


Xrosie said:
January 09, 2009 at 8:37 AM

You can have the sun, up here at Mount Mary S. Aust, we would rather long soaking rain please.