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By Jessie

You loved the first Mystery P.I. Hidden Object game so prepare to get excited. The second game in the series has just landed at YouPlay...

Commence gleeful wiggle-dancing and (slightly unhinged) hooting and yelping immediately - Mystery P.I.: The Vegas Heist is here and...wait for it...50% OFF!

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For a limited time only, you can download Mystery P.I: The Lottery Ticket and Mystery P.I.: The Vegas Heist for 50% off the RRP! Take the phone off the hook and make yourself comfortable - hours of fun searching for thousands of objects hidden in hundreds of amazing locations awaits. Simply follow the links below and select the "Buy Now" option - the 50% discount will be automatically calculated.

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Receive 50% off Mystery P.I. The Vegas Heist

About Mystery P.I. The Vegas Heist

The heist of the century has just gone down in Vegas! You are the world famous P.I. and you've been hired by the casino to find and return the stolen $4 Billion dollars before its grand opening in 16 hours. Search for over 2300 cleverly hidden objects in 25 intriguing locations to solve the Vegas Heist.

 - Play five unique mini-games: Word Search, Tile Rotation, Tile Swap, Jigsaw and a unique crime-solving puzzle

 - Collect Secret Keys and Poker Chips to unlock a new game mode


YouPlay Trivia: A Year in Review Winners Announced! 

Congratulations to julesd (1st); theora (2nd) and stitchpuzz (3rd) - who have all won an exciting game pack from our friends at PopCap.

Jessie x 

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3 Responses to

Get 50% OFF Our New Game!

scout said:
January 10, 2009 at 7:19 PM

mike4hua said:
January 10, 2009 at 9:40 PM

this game is very good, it also makes you think alot.

mummyduck said:
January 15, 2009 at 8:02 AM

I bought the new game but the code i was given doesnt work what a waste of money