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Which word is closest to meaning the opposite of lengthen?


Wanna be a part of YP history?


By Jessie

Attention all YouPlayers! If you've always dreamed of becoming a puzzle compiler, your wish is about to be granted...

To celebrate 2008, we're creating a very special trivia quiz entitled: YouPlay, A Year In Review. Submit your YP questions for inclusion in the game - then show off your YP trainspotter skills as you race to the top of the leader boards. Hey, there's a bumper sticker in it! Read more about how to be a part of this historic event in the latest News.

Submit your YP quiz questions here

When is a Ferrari 308 GTS not a Ferrari 308 GTS?

When it's owned by that lusty Lovatts lothario, MAGMan P.I.! Since he prowled onto the page and into our hearts last week, we've sighed, we've swooned, we've reached out to pinch his bu-...err, actually, that may have just been me [picture Jessie so absorbed in batting her eyelashes in the P.I.'s direction that she falls over a chair]. This week, the MAGMan bids for a bargain and comes clean about his machine. 

Read MAGMan P.I.'s latest blog  

WIN $1000 With the Seven Games of Christmas

Another window has opened in our advent calendar of puzzling delights; today's game is a festive Wordsearch. Complete all seven games and you'll automatically have a chance to share in $1250 worth of cash prizes! 

For the sixth game of Christmas, YouPlay gave to me-
A Wordsearch (worth replaying)

An easy Rip-ple Eff-ECCCCTTT [deep breath]
A simple Sudoku
A Quick Crossword
An Alphabet Mix
And a fun Code Cracker - yippee!

Play the Seven Games of Christmas - you could WIN CASH!

Inspirational Interlude: "Every time we love, every time we give, it's Christmas."

Jessie x

Hot Goss: Fans of word games rejoice - a NEW GAME is a-comin' this week just for you!


CLICK HERE: You could be an instant Lovatts Lucky Winner!

1 Response to

Wanna be a part of YP history?

Thalia said:
December 17, 2008 at 3:54 PM

I tried my hand at submitting a queston and received a response, it was easy, and I was thrilled to hear directly from You Play, thanks Troy. I have a feeling the new trivia questions will be very challenging to say the least!