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So You Think You're A YouPlay Guru?


By Jessie

Gather round YouPlayers! As we come to the end of another year, it's time to look back and remember the highlights and lowlights, the spills and thrills, the puzzles and the Chuzzles.

To celebrate the last 12 months, we're creating a very special YouPlay: The Year in Review Trivia Quiz, and we want the whole community to contribute! Submit your questions to use in the quiz; share your knowledge about the site and become a part of YP history.

Questions can be on any YouPlay related topic, from puzzles to forum posts, poll topics, blogs, new game launches - if you can find the answer by searching the site, it's a valid question. Examples of trivia questions include:

  • In Sudoku Combat Tournament XI, who came 3rd in Evil?
  • What game was launched on the 1st December?
  • In the December sandwich poll, which filling won the most votes?


Compiling Top Tip: A good trivia question is short and succinct; the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) formula is a good rule of thumb. Avoid long sentences, ambiguity and stick to plain English!

Don't forget to include the answer to the question (along with three dummy answers) as the following example demonstrates:

Question: What is the Sudoku Combat Arena called?

Answer: The Arena of Champions

Options: 1. The Arena of Sudoku; 2. Sudoku Stadium; 3. The Puzzle Pit


Send your questions to:

If we use your question in the quiz, we'll send you a gorgeous YouPlay bumper sticker!


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So You Think You're A YouPlay Guru?

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