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SCT XXVII: Results


By Jessie

Congratulations to the following Sudoku champions who scored Top 3 leader board positions in Sudoku Combat Tournament XXVII:


1. ylc (123) Australia
2. Boondi (70) Australia 
3. aga12345 (63) Poland


1. darkbele (40) USA
2. slane (13) Canada
3. elvira95 (12) Canada


1. izzeta (60) Indonesia
2. amidalal (17) USA
3. darkbele (14) USA


1. peterkapelis (26) Greece
2. rustw (13) (unknown)
3. izzeta (8) Indonesia


Token Prizes

First place: 250
Second place: 100
Third place: 50

Player of the Tournament: has been split three ways! 1. darkbele (for consistency and tenacity); 2. izzeta (for gaining places on the two hardest leader boards and for being only eight) and 3. ylc (who scored 123 wins - heck, I'm a sucker for a YouPlayer who can rhyme their score with their user name).    

SCT XXVIII starts midday, Thursday 18th December (AEST). Enter the Arena of Champions now for a few practice battles!

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SCT XXVII: Results

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