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NEW GAME: Typer Shark!


By Jessie

Ta-daaa! Introducing a brand new game, an exciting new website and a super-dooper new promotion... 

Discipline Unruly Fingers with Typer Shark 

If I'm honest, I'm currently typing these words with all the finesse and grace of a pair of drunken seals shaking hands (slap, slap, slappity slap). Dr. Play often looks on aghast as my right hand furiously pounds the keys while my left hangs limply, resigned to furtively hitting the "Caps Lock" key. Mostly at unnecessary times. Yes indeedy, I'm in dire need of some typing training which is why I'm very much excited about our NEW game.

Download the complete version of Typer Shark now! 

Typer Shark is a typing tutor unlike any you've ever seen before. Dive deep into the ocean depths with only your keyboard for protection, and zap menacing Word Sharks by typing the words printed on their sides. Discover sunken treasure, or test your skills to the max in the Abyss!

Typer Shark features three ways to play: you can choose your path by progressing through the Adventure mode, play a fast arcade game in the Abyss, or improve your typing skills with the Typing Tutor mode.

Download the complete version of Typer Shark now! 


Christmas Comes to YouPlay! 

Deck YouPlay with treats and treasures
Falalalala lala la la
Games and features for your pleasure
Falalalala lala la la...

Put on your Santa hats and ring hands around the tree - Christmas is a-coming to YouPlay, and you're all invited to help us celebrate the silly season. Get ready for fantastic events, games, competitions and prizes - McTroy's sack is stuffed with hundreds of Lovatts magazines, prize packs, cash and other surprises to gve away! Six weeks of fun begins on Wednesday 3rd December (3pm AEDST). Be the first to delight in the fabulous festivities!

Jessie x

PS: With school holidays coming up, it's always good to have a few entertainment ideas up your sleeve for the kids who might be at a "loose end" (read: interrupting your YouPlay puzzles). How about a website that's safe, educational and entertaining? Take a sneak-peek at the all-new Lovatts Puzzle Fun for Kids website. Packed full of fun games and competitions, it's sure to delight!


November Prize Pack winners have been announced!
Read the latest News to find out if your name's on the list...  


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NEW GAME: Typer Shark!

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