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Upright and faithful
Method of operating
God willing
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MagMan & Mistletoe


By Jessie

Who IS that handsome Romeo standing three metres away from the strategically hung mistletoe? 

Why it's MagMan P.I, here to share his Christmas kisses - errr, I mean wishes.

Have you READ his latest blog? Harrumph! Watching him like a hawk? Moi? I do believe that seductive stud-muffin doth protest too much! Yes, I may have draped enough mistletoe around the place to bathe YouPlay HQ in an eerie greenish glow (yet for some reason, Dr. Play looks quite normal). And yes, a flock of owls may have begun roosting in the Quizzard's beard - but ladies; we all know the Y-chromosomed are a little slow on the uptake when it comes to rrrro-mance. The pets, they use up all those brain cells on beating their chests and squashing bugs and...hmmmmn. And loitering suspiciously for hours by the flowers? Besides, he's only playing hard to get... 

Read MagMan P.I.'s Latest Blog

Have you received your FREE Christmas gift from us? If you spent the weekend trapped in a supermarket queue to nowhere (and haven't we all), don't delay! To celebrate the holidays we've combined all your fantastic Christmas Cheer forum contributions into a very special, very festive e-book. Need a last minute gift idea? Why not forward to a friend - it's a guaranteed way to share the true spirit of the season.

Download Your Free Christmas E-Book   

The school holidays have rolled around again, which means bored kids and frazzled families. Fear not - I have a solution that's safe, educational, heck - it's even fun! Introduce the under 13s in your life to a fantastic kids puzzle website, created by Lovatts. Puzzle Fun for Kids (pf4k) is packed with cool interactive games like colouring in and puzzles to print. You can even change the look of the site from PuzzBoyz (think slime, metal) to PuzzGirls (flowers, pink).

Play Cool Games and Puzzles at Puzzle Fun 4 Kids!

Now, if you'll excuse me I've a certain Magman to accidentally forcibly constrain behind that mistletoe bush with my vice-like grip. He's so thoughtful, he's even prepared my favourite snack! Yum, cornflakes and yoghurt...  

Jessie x

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MagMan & Mistletoe

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