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Countdown to Christmas!


By Jessie

Ding dong merrily today,
The YouPlay bells are ringing,
Ding dong verily our sleigh, is packed with treats we're bringing.
[inhales] glory, glory, glory GLLOOOOORRR-rrrrry....

[Jessie takes a break from compulsory choir practice as McTroy and Avatar Chris unblock their bleeding ears...]

It's December YouPlayers, and while that may mean many things to many people, to us here at YP Headquarters it means the biggest, brightest, most exciting celebration of the year! Christmas is a-comin' and we've got a jam-packed calendar of events planned for the community!

View the YP Christmas Calendar of Events

Keep an eye on the release dates of all the events and competitions with our Christmas Calendar. Watch out for an uber-trendy Avatar dress-up comp, a challenging holiday scavenger hunt, the countdown to the "Seven Games of Christmas", special December prize packs...and lots, lots more.

View the YP Christmas Calendar of Events

Bursting with enthusiasm for the silly season and can't wait to get started? Why not join McTroy's Community Christmas Cheer Forum: submit your favourite holiday tips, stories, recipes, and other Christmassy content. Do you have the perfect mince pie recipe? Or a foolproof way to keep "eccentric" Uncle Martin away from the cooking sherry? Share the love with your friends at YP - and pick up a good idea or two yourself!

Visit the Community Christmas Cheer Forum

Coming up: Sudoku Combat Tournament XXVII begins midday, Thursday 4th (AEDST). Enter the Arena of Champions for 24 hours of intense multiplayer Sudoku action.  

Jessie x

Hot Gossip: Someone NEW is joining the YP Team [gasp!]. Who - or what - will it be? Life as we know it may never be the same again. YouPlayers, I DARE you to introduce yourself to this wildcard, nay - this MAGnanimous maverick on Friday the 5th. 

PS: With school holidays coming up, it's always good to have a few entertainment ideas up your sleeve for the kids who might be at a "loose end" (read: interrupting your YouPlay puzzles). How about a website that's safe, educational and entertaining? Take a sneak-peek at the all-new Lovatts Puzzle Fun for Kids website. Packed full of fun games and competitions, it's sure to delight!


November Prize Pack winners have been announced!
Read the latest News to find out if your name's on the list...  


CLICK HERE: You could be an instant Lovatts Lucky Winner!

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Countdown to Christmas!

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