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YouPlayers unite: to the polls!


By Jessie

A whole caboodle of NEW download versions of your favourite PopCap games have arrived at YouPlay...

And they're furiously campaigning to win a place in your heart!

First to take to the stage is AstroPop with a rousing speech:

"Vote for me and I shall promise you unearthly arcade action. Grab, group, and blast bricks and together we shall clear a path through hyperspace until we discover the elusive AstroPop Quadrillium."

Look - the Chuzzles have come out in support! The people go wild as the AP Supa Weapon shoots thousands of those fluffy rascals into the night sky, where they fall gracefully into the formation of a colossal YouPlay flag - magical.

Download the complete version of AstroPop

Surely that can't be topped? But here comes Talismania, impressively imperial in flowing robes and olive wreath:

"Guests, friends, YouPlayers, lend me your ears. A vote for me is a vote for King Midas - and he needs our help! Everything he touches in Talismania turns to gold - food, drink… even his own daughter! We must travel back in time and help Midas break his golden curse by connecting talismans to build up wealth and battle legendary Grecian monsters."

Now there's a plight to pull at the heart-strings, and a heroic adventure to boot! The hordes are euphoric as the Bejeweled jewels play cheerleader for their Talismania compatriot, raining down upon the crowd in a display of breathtaking beauty.

Download the complete version of Talismania     

More speeches from the YP download campaign trail tomorrow - but in the meantime, Sudoku Combat Tournament XXV: Hell hath no fury like a Sudoku-er scorned is on NOW.

Challenge an opponent to an exciting game of multiplayer Sudoku - battle it out in real-time for YP glory and token prizes.

Enter the Arena of Champions

Jessie x


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YouPlayers unite: to the polls!

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