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SCT: XXVI is open!


By Jessie

Sudoku Combat Tournament XXVI: "Sudoku dreams are made of this" is now open for battle. Chaaarrrrgggge!

You've been practicing your grids for hours - heck, maybe even days. Your fingers feel limber and sprightly, perfectly calibrated to tap those numbers into place, quick as a flash. Your eyes are bright and watchful, synapses firing as you make a stately entrance into the Arena of Champions. You're ready, willing and able to take on the worlds very best at this legendary logic puzzle. Finally it's your shine.

Just a game? Just a game? Ha - to you this is a way of life! Shun the disbelievers who would mock your obsession and play your heart out - for your community, and for your very soul!

Enter the Arena NOW for Exciting Combat Action

Inspirational Interlude: "Only those who dare fail greatly can achieve greatly".

 SCT Facts

1. Challenge an opponent to a game of multiplayer Sudoku - play in real time!

2. You don't need to be a Sudoku expert to enter - there's a level to suit every puzzler.

3. Top 3 place winners for each level WIN fantastic token prizes (and YouPlay fame and glory forever).

4. SCT XXVI runs for 24 hours (until midday Friday 21st).
Remember, the more you play the better your chances to win.

Still feeling timid about entering? Chew over these words of wisdom for courage: "It is not because Sudoku Combat is difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that Sudoku Combat is difficult"*

Enter Sudoku Combat NOW

Jessie x 

*With apologies to Seneca :)

New Games A-Coming!

Whatsa matta you (HEY!)
Gotta no new games (HEY!)
Whaddya want ta play (HEY!)
Why you looka so sad (HEY!)
Itsa not so bad (HEY!)
Itsa nicea place... new game tomorrow YouPlayers! 


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SCT: XXVI is open!

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