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1988 US drama film starring William Hurt and Kathleen Turner: "The Accidental WHAT"?


NEW Download Games!


By Jessie

The most popular NEW download game campaign bandwagon rolls on... 

First up, Rocket Mania screams onto the stage, radiating fiery passion (not to mention fire, as a party minion quickly douses the blazing curtains). And what a scorchingly persuasive speech is delivered to the crowd:

"Friends, do you crave explosively addictive pyrotechnics in your puzzles? Then I am the game for you: build powerful fireworks by linking fuses to a burning match. Score big and upgrade to better rockets by collecting coins along the way. Ready to have a Rocket Mania blast?

Download the complete version of Rocket Mania


SCT XXV results are IN! 

After another spectacular showdown in the YP Arena of Champions we pay respect to those who - through dogged courage in the face of multiplayer Sudoku adversity - have risen to the rank of "Sudoku Master".

Without further delay, congratulations to the following 1st place winners of SCT XXV: Hell hath no fury like a Sudoku-er scorned, "Cheeky Chipotle" aga12345 (Easy), "Crazy Cayenne" darkbele (Medium), "Passionate Pimento" elvira95 (Hard) & "Habanero Heatwave" desertplant (Evil).

Player of the Match goes to darkbele for gaining two spots on the Medium leader board (from 3rd last SCT to 1st). Token prizes are on their way to all top 3 leader board place holders and YP fame and glory are yours forever!

Jessie x


Something NEW is coming...

And I'm not telling you what it is...yet. But since I'm in quite the oracular mood I thought I'd give you a cryptic clue (who needs Dan Brown anyway?):

What's ballsy and bouncy, exciting and bright -
An epic adventure that's sure to delight -
But beware of the trials lurking just out of sight -
As a darkness descends and day night?


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NEW Download Games!

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