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Cheeky Chuzzles


By Jessie

Grumpy, Happy, Sneezy and...Burpy?
No, not the Seven Dwarfs - meet the cute n' tootn' Chuzzles!  

Aaaah...Aaaaaaaahhhh.....AaaahHHCHOOOOOO! [A deafening sneeze rocks the very foundations of YP headquarters. The fire alarm wails as spooked dogs begin to howl]

Jessie: What was that? McTroy, did a small - yet fearsome - hurricane just pass through the office or did you forget to take your allergy medication again? 

McTroy: [pointing to the screen with shock and awe] It was a...a...a Chuzzle!

YouPlayers, you've played the game and fallen in love with the furry little critters, but did you know Chuzzles can perform tricks? Follow the tips below and watch them burp, giggle and more.

Bringing a whole new dimension to the addictive Match 3 action, these adorable Chuzzle shenanigans are sure to have you chuckling - the perfect way to begin a new working week!

Please Note: These tricks will work on the downloadable version of Chuzzle only (not the web game). You can download the complete Chuzzle game and play FREE for an hour.

Download Chuzzle NOW!

Chuzzle Tricks

Giggling Chuzzles
Double click or right click on the Chuzzle to get a gorgeous giggle.

Burping Chuzzles
Click numerous times on a large Chuzzle to hear an enormous belch.

Sneezy/Bald Chuzzles
Click repeatedly on a small Chuzzle to make it sneeze and go bald!

Grumpy Chuzzles 
Rest your cursor on one Chuzzle for a while and watch what happens...

Sleepy Chuzzles
Let your Chuzzles sit untouched for more than 5 minutes and they will fall asleep (awwwww...)

Download Chuzzle NOW!


(Whistlin' while I'm workin') Jessie x  

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Cheeky Chuzzles

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