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And they're off!


By Jessie

Fabulous frothy fascinators firmly attached, ladies? Elegant top-hats perched just-so, gents? Giddy-up YouPlayers for the "race that stops a nation" is about to begin!   

But first, we cross live to the YP Fashions on the Field parade. As expected, Dr Play cuts a fine figure in his astonishing livery, intricately woven from the rarest rainbow Chuzzles. He's trained them well - they giggle in perfect unison as he strides down the red carpet...but wait - oh no! A rogue Chuzzle roosting above his left buttock has just let out a mighty burp. The judges look grim; what a blow for the good Doctor!

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Here comes crowd favourite McTroy, rakishly mounted atop a darling prancing pony. I believe her name is "Buttercup". Watch as they expertly foxtrot down the field, McTroy resplendent in a gorgeous golden gown, fluttering the lashes framing his sky-blue eyes. But no! Oh dear...Buttercup's just caught the scent of "Bruce"; a sleek and rather - ahem - studly stallion. She's nuzzling his flanks in a most flirtatious manner as McTroy tries to deflect attention with some impressive pouting, alas - the judges are scandalised and the perky pair are dismissed.   

As we cross back to the stands, resident "bookie" Avatar Chris has set up his shady racket, er...I mean shop by the Member's Stand. Hmmm, he's rubbing his hands together in a most greasy manner, as he coolly collects money from the hopeful punters gathered around him. Whispers are flying thick and fast about his operation; something to do with "odds" and "rigged". And over by the gate, sitting sagely in a patch of daisies is the magnanimous Quizzard. Apparently if you dance the "Macarena" for him, he'll give you a hot tip.

Wanna find out more about the "Great Miniskirt Scandal" at the 1965 Melbourne Cup? How about the tale of heroic steed Carbine, who brought hope to the world during the stockmarket 1890? Find these and other fascinating facts in my Melbourne Cup blog!

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Jessie x


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And they're off!

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