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Spring Combat Carnival Winners


By Jessie

Congratulations to all YouPlayers who took part in the Spring Sudoku Combat Carnival. Over 17,000 battles took place over five days in this mighty test of endurance. To celebrate such an epic event, we increased the usual token prizes for top 3 place winners and also threw in an exclusive prize pack for the Spring Sudoku Combat Carnival Champions who could win the most overall games in each of our four categories.

Drum roll please…

The Spring Sudoku Combat Carnival Champions for 2008 are…

"Feisty Filly" ylc (Easy)

"Magnanimous Mare" darkbele (Medium)

"Colt of Cunning" gkorde (Hard)

"Super Stallion" peterkapelis (Evil)


The sheer numbers of individual wins in the Easy category was astonishing! Marathon veteran ylc retained the top spot with an outstanding 506 wins, beating her personal Combat Marathon best by 150 wins. In second place, _mel_ also clocked up an amazing 417 wins, followed by joong28 with 262 wins.  

The Medium category was no less exciting! The battle for second place was tough with amidalal eventually claiming the title, but it was dark horse darkbele who raced to the lead with 106 wins.

Newcomer to the SCT leader boards gkorde came from nowhere to take the lead in Hard with 131 wins and the legendary peterkapelis once again made it look so easy to win the top spot in Evil.

Congratulations to all who participated in the YP Spring Sudoku Combat Carnival - each and every one of you is a true champion! You can read the complete list of winners below.

Sudoku Combat Tournament XXIV begins Thursday 23rd October at midday (AEDST). Stay ahead of the pack with a few practice battles in the Arena of Champions.


May you battle to victory! 

Jessie x


Complete List of Winners

1. ylc (506 wins) AUS
2. _mel_ (417) AUS
3. joong28 (262) Singapore

1. darkbele (106) USA
2. amidalal (80) USA
3. Zaku (67) Singapore

1. gkorde (131) India
2. ROB22 (112) AUS
3. tUBs (108) Phillippines

1. peterkapelis (138) Greece
2. AgowaCrow (52) Canada
3. Humptydoodah (44) AUS


Token Prizes

First place: 500
Second place: 350
Third place: 150

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Spring Combat Carnival Winners

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