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SCT XXII: Winners


By Jessie

Congratulations to the following Top 3 category winners for SCT XXII: Don't stop thinking about Sudoku... 

The "Pure Determination" award goes jointly to sion (who rose from 2nd place in Medium last SCT to 3rd in Hard) and suejay (climbing from 3rd in Hard to 2nd in Evil). Nice to see these lovely ladies rise up through the ranks - pure class. "Player of the Match" goes to Mum of 5 - 54 wins is a fantastic result for a first-timer to the SCT Top 3 leader boards.


1. Gelgoog (84) Singapore
2. Mum of 5 (54) Australia 
3. joong 28 (43) Singapore


1. ylc (42) Australia
2. tomkat (26) USA
3. muah (24) China


1. Terminated (27) USA
2. lulu9398 (18) Australia
3. sion (15) Spain


1. peterkapelis (38) Greece
2. suejay (23) USA
3. SYDNEY10 (9) USA


Token Prizes

First place: 250
Second place: 100
Third place: 50


Date for your diary: Sudoku Combat Tournament XXIII starts Thursday 25th September 2008, midday sharp (AEST).

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SCT XXII: Winners

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