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Sudoku Sparks Sydney Scandal


By Jessie

Courtroom Controversy...

A $1 million drug trial was aborted when it was discovered that the juror's had been playing Sudoku puzzles during court proceedings.

The jury forewoman confirmed Judge Peter Zahra's suspicions, admitting that she and five other jurors had circulated photocopied Sudoku puzzles to play during the trial. They would then compare their results during meal beaks.

The forewoman confessed that she and her fellow jurors had spent more than half their time in court playing the puzzles because they were so bored with the proceedings, including being made to watch a police officer count $30 000 in cash - twice. Apparently not all jurors passed the time with the diabolical logic puzzle; one member "slept a lot" during the trial, while others played word games and still others doodled.

Read the full reports about the Sudoku scandal (thanks to Fairfax Media):

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Sudoku Sparks Sydney Scandal

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