Trivia Teaser

'She really get me high (bam-ba-lam)' is a line from WHICH song?

"Paint It Black"
"Black Betty"
"Long Black Veil"
"Black Or White"

Electric Dreams


By Jessie

Everybody in that ol' cell block...

It's time to up the ante - practice your best Jagger moves as we swagger and strut over to Rocket Mania - a crazy game featuring explosive pyrotechnics worthy of a honky tonkin', roof-raisin' Stones gig. [Insert rubber-lips pout]

Let's rock! (with apologies to Joan Jett) 

I love rock n' roll, so play another puzzle on YouPlay ba-by,
I love rock n' roll, so come and take your time and play with me!

BIG News: This Friday, get set for five whole days

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Electric Dreams

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