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YouPlay Poem


By Jessie

My heart's all a flutter today for we received this lovely poem from a very talented Premium Member - Rajah - all about YouPlay.




YouPlay is the greatest site for playing games into the night,

We sit and play for hours on end, our highest scores we do defend.

We battle at Sudoku Combat, must be fast to win that format -

Chuzzle, Zuma and Peggle too, there is so much choice for you.

Quadra, Trivia, crosswords galore, not to mention word games and more -

There is a game for everyone - at every level, it's lots of fun!

But chatting really takes the cake for out there are some friends to make,

There are prizes you can win you know, so come on guys don't be slow.

Premium Members can win cash so press the button, done in a flash!


Awww shucks Rajah, the YP Team is blushing in unison!

By the way, I think you've laid down a challenge to other budding writers and poets. In fact, if you're a wordsmith, send your written masterpieces to me and I'll publish the best (and you don't have to write about YouPlay!)

Send your creative to me using the site Inbox.



2 Responses to

YouPlay Poem

Ozmaid said:
May 15, 2008 at 4:13 PM


Rajah, very good, I like it!


May 15, 2008 at 4:56 PM

Bravo Rajah, you've laid down a tough challenge for everyone now. I think we've all got our thinking caps on.