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Are You the Next Lovatts Lucky Member?


By Jessie

The YouPlay wheel of fortune spins every 24 hours…
Is this the day YOU become an instant winner?

How to WIN the Lovatts Lucky Member Cash Draw

It’s easy - follow these three simple steps:

1. Visit the Lovatts Lucky Member page (found under the red Win Prizes menu tab) every 24 hours and check to see if you’re a winner (your YouPlay User Name and Avatar will be displayed).

2. You’re the daily winner? Congratulations! Click on the "You've Won...” button. This button will only appear to the winning member - make sure you’ve signed in to your account.

3. Send us an email with your contact details (name, address and phone number) within the 24 hours your User Name is published (from 12.00pm – 11.59am AEST).

Who Can Enter?

Every registered member of YouPlay (free or paid) is automatically entered into the Lovatts Lucky Member Cash Draw and every member has an equal chance to win.

What Can I WIN?

The Lovatts Lucky Member can claim a $30 bopo prepaid Visa gift card.

Remember: You must contact us as soon as you see your name – you can’t claim the prize once the next lucky member is drawn. 

Double Your Money!

Want to turn $30 into $60 instantly?

Subscribe to an annual Premium Membership during the 24 hours you are the daily winner and we’ll double the cash!

If you’re already a Premium Member, the prize will automatically double.

Hints and Tricks

1. Make sure you are signed in to your account!

2. You must contact us within the 24 hours that your YouPlay User Name is published as the daily winner. Prize claims after this time will not be accepted.

3. The $30 prize automatically doubles for Premium Members.
Not yet a Premium Member? Upgrade now for entry into daily, weekly and monthly  prize draws, thousands of extra games and premium avatar items! 


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Are You the Next Lovatts Lucky Member?

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