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Who wrote the 1980 bestseller "The Bourne Identity"?

Stephen King
Frederick Forsyth
Robert Ludlum
Ken Follett

Play Mag Match for a Chance to WIN!


By Jessie

Turn over cards two at time and look carefully at the Lovatts magazine covers. If they match, they will be removed from the screen. If not, they will both return to a face-down position. Repeat this process until you reveal an image that mirrors one you turned over earlier. Now find the ‘matching half’ of that image by remembering its position from previous selections. Try to match (and remove from view) each pair in as few tries as possible. Can you get a perfect score?

Enter the Lovatts Mag Match competition for a chance to WIN a limited-edition gift pack and an Apple iPod 8GB Touch. When you have completed the game, simply fill in the entry form and select your preferred prize draw.

Option One

  • Subscribe to Lovatts Variety Puzzles for a chance to WIN an Apple 8GB iPod Touch and a Lovatts gift pack.
  • Every subscription gives you another unique entry: Lovatts subscriptions offer huge savings and are the perfect gift idea.
  • The winner will be drawn on 30/04/2008

Win a iPod Touch!


Option Two

  • You could WIN one of four limited-edition Lovatts gift packs!
  • Receive one unique entry each time you play a Lovatts Mag Match game and submit a completed form.
  • A new winner will be drawn every week.

Win a Lovatts Prize Pack!

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Play Mag Match for a Chance to WIN!

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