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SCT X: Fingers of Fire


By Jessie

The fallout from the Fingers of Fire 10th Anniversary Sudoku Combat Tournament has been fierce: as I write this shockwaves are still sweeping the entire YouPlay community.

The pain, the glory…what an unrelenting contest of wills!

The gloves were off and no player was spared as combatants got down and dirty. Battles flew thick and fast across every level as defending title holders and plucky newcomers showed no mercy. All eyes were narrowed and you could smell the adrenaline as challenges were relentlessly won and lost, and the biggest Sudoku Combat Tournament ever made YouPlay history.

Firstly, a special prize was on offer to celebrate this momentous event for the player who could beat the record for most wins (100 by amidalal in SCT VI). It seemed like an impossible ask but TKC trumped the odds to win 127 games. One hundred and twenty seven! Man alive, you were on fire TKC, and a token bounty is coming your way.

Characteristically, Sudoku Combat Tournament X threw up some excruciatingly close calls. In the Easy category junglefive just pipped fellow newcomer KenSen01 to 2nd place. Welcome to you both and congratulations on a fine performance. The challenge is on now to hold your titles!

The terrifying Terminator and jenong “the Jackal” continued their bloody, thankless battle in the Hard category, swapping places from the last event with jenong taking top honours. The race for 2nd place was just as intense as regular face gorillo snatched the spot by a one cheeky win – well done.

And then there’s peterkapelis. Peter, peter, peter, you have undoubtedly dominated the Evil category for these first ten events. It has to be said though that hungry opponents are beginning to close the gap! Provocative words from KingMarvin earlier in the week laid down a challenge which in the end failed to be realised (although 3rd place is still a very respectable result). In fact it was a heroic effort by quiet achiever kalori the "Ninja" that put the pressure on and narrowed the margin to the closest ever between 1st and 2nd.

What surprises will the next decade hold? Find out on the 20th March as SCT XI gets underway in the Arena of Champions!


Complete List of Winners

1. TKC (127 wins) USA
2. junglefive (68) AUS
3. KenSen01 (67) unknown

1. amidalal (41) USA
2. Fagotto (26) AUS
3. slane (17) CAN

1. jenong (24) unknown
2. gorillo (14) USA
3. Terminator (13) Belgium

1. peterkapelis (25) Greece
2. kalori (20) AUS
3. KingMarvin (12) AUS


Token Prizes

First place: 250
Second place: 100
Third place: 50

Most wins: 300


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SCT X: Fingers of Fire

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