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SC Easter Marathon Winners Revealed!


By Jessie

Congratulations to all YouPlayers who took part in the Sudoku Combat Easter Marathon. Over 17,000 battles took place over five days in this mighty test of endurance. To celebrate such an epic event, we increased the usual token prizes for top 3 place winners and also threw in an iPod shuffle for the Sudoku Combat Easter Champion who could win the most overall points (after level weightings). And now, the time to award this prize has come.

Drum roll please…

The Sudoku Combat Easter Marathon Champion for 2008 is…


What an outstanding performance of unbeatable mental fortitude and physical stamina! With a total of 810 wins (970 points) including 1st place wins in both the Easy and Hard categories, G.I. Ho left all other competitors for dust. Storming ahead from the very start, this true Sudoku superstar from the USA made blitzing an intensive five day tournament look easy (I have to wonder when she found time to sleep!) Well done, a huge 1000 tokens and an iPod Shuffle are on the way…

The action certainly didn’t stop there. Australian YouPlayer ylc contributed with a monumental effort, winning 549 battles in Easy. It was also good to see some new faces shaking up the top 3 spots; welcome (and my utmost admiration) to kett, RoBB22 and pete2.

The fiercest battle for Combat supremacy took place between veteran amidalal and previous place winner tomcat for 1st in Medium, a position amidalal has now held for four out of the last five tournaments. Kudos also to gorillo who retained 2nd place in Hard.

You can read the complete list of winners below.

Sudoku Combat Tournament XI begins Thursday 3rd April at midday (AEST). Stay ahead of the pack with a few practice battles in the Arena of Champions.


May you battle to victory! 

Jessie (on behalf of the YouPlay Team)


Complete List of Winners

1. G.I. Ho (650 wins) USA
2. ylc (549) AUS
3. kett (272) USA

1. amidalal (147) USA
2. tomkat (141) USA
3. RoBB22 (98) AUS

1. G.I. Ho (160) USA
2. gorillo (98) USA
3. Andaya (53) AUS

1. b0nn13 (54) AUS
2. pete2 (34) Netherlands
3. lethal (19) AUS


Token Prizes

First place: 500
Second place: 350
Third place: 150


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SC Easter Marathon Winners Revealed!

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