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NEW PUZZLE: Hitori Island


By Jessie

Welcome to Hitori Island...
Use your powers of deduction to reveal an ocean paradise!

The rules are simple: delete the duplicate numbers and watch the island grow before your very eyes. Just like all good logic puzzles, it's not as easy as it looks!

When all duplicate numbers have been eliminated (turned into blue water cells) from each row and column, the remaining gold cells (sand) create an island. The blue cells cannot isolate any part of the island - it must remain a single shape. You must be able to reach every part of the island without swimming.

Game Rules  

  • To eliminate a duplicate number, use the mouse to click on any cell. That cell will turn blue.
  • Highlighting the cells which must be gold will make the puzzle easier to solve. Click on the cell and and hold the mouse down for half a second. A circle will appear around that number.
  • Blue cells cannot be  horizontally or vertically adjacent, although they can be diagonally adjacent.
  • The gold cells must not be isolated from the rest of the grid by blue cells either vertically, horizontally or diagonally.
  • Cross-hatching will appear to indicate that you have correctly completed a row or column.

Techniques to Solve Hitori Island

  • If a number has been circled to show that it must be gold, any cells containing the same number in that row or column must be blue.
  • If turning a cell blue would isolate a gold area from the rest of the island, then that cell must be gold.
  • Where there are three identical, adjacent numbers, the centre number must be gold. If either of the end numbers were gold this would result in two adjacent blue cells which is not permitted.
  • Where a number has two identical numbers on either side of itself, it must be gold. This is because one of the two identical numbers must be blue, and it cannot be adjacent to another blue cell.
  • Where there are four identical numbers in a 2X2 square on the grid, two of them must be blue along a diagonal. There are only two possible combinations, and the correct option is sometimes revealed by determining if one combination will isolate gold cells from the island.
  • Where four identical numbers form a square in a corner of the grid, the corner square and the one diagonally opposite must be blue. The alternative would isolate the gold corner square from the island.
  • Where duplicate numbers appear, it is not always the case that one cell must remain gold; it is possible that they should all be blue.  


What are you waiting for? Begin your adventure now!

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NEW PUZZLE: Hitori Island

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