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NEW GAME: Quadra!


By Jessie

Connect the corners of colour to reveal the rings of light...

Launch to a new dimension with Quadra; an intergalactic challenge that is totally out of this world!

Your mission: Reveal all 64 rings by building boxes from coloured blocks. Sounds easy? Never! The corners of each box must be the same colour.

Square off and solve this puzzle of planetary proportions: play Quadra now!


How to Play Quadra


Reveal all 64 rings by highlighting rectangles within the grid. Click-and-drag to connect any four blocks of the same colour, and use each block as many times as you like!

The grid is made up of 64 coloured blocks. Look closely at the grid until you can see a square or rectangular box that has the same coloured square for each of its corners.

Use your mouse to click and drag from corner to corner until the entire box is highlighted.

Release the mouse. White rings will appear in each of the coloured blocks.

The objective of Quadra is to highlight every block until all rings have appeared.


Quadra Tips


  • You can use each coloured block as many times as you like.
  • Boxes can be made from as little as 4 adjacent blocks of the same colour.
  • The more rings revealed in a box, the more points you win!

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NEW GAME: Quadra!

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