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Highlights: SCT VIII


By Jessie

Sudoku Combat Tournament VIII was heroically contested last week; here's a rundown of all the major highlights:

A hearty "welcome" to newcomer TKC who receives the 'Most Impressive Effort for a First Timer' award, clocking up a mammoth 78 wins to take out 1st in Easy. A special mention also to b0nn13 who followed closely behind with 70 wins.

The Medium category saw amidalal retain the top spot, and perthgirl moved up one place to 2nd, just beating ylc - another new face on the leader boards.

Belgium's Terminator returned to show the Hard category who's boss, and the award for 'Fiercest Opponents' is jointly won by G.I. Ho and gorillo, who furiuosly battled against each other in both Hard and Evil.     

And of course, we have peterkapelis. Once again the star of Evil, I'm beginning to think he's untouchable! Congratulations on another fine performance.

The complete results appear below, with total wins in brackets and player's country of origin.

Date for your diary: Sudoku Combat Tournament IX begins Thursday 21st February. 

Start practicing now in the Arena of Champions or try a few games of classic Sudoku to sharpen your skills in preparation for the next battle. 


Complete List of Winners


1. TKC (78 wins) USA
2. b0nn13 (70) AUS
3. CheekyJellyBean (50) AUS


1. amidalal (62) USA
2. perthgirl (34) AUS
3. ylc (31) AUS


1. Terminator (22) Belgium
2. G.I. Ho (21) USA
3. gorillo (13) USA


1. peterkapelis (18) Greece
2. gorillo (6) USA
3. G.I. Ho (5) USA


Token Prizes

First place: 250
Second place: 100
Third place: 50

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Highlights: SCT VIII

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