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Highlights: SCT IX


By Jessie

The dust from Sudoku Combat Tournament IX has finally settled after thousands of battles were valiently fought in this epic clash of titans. Which champions have won a top 3 place position and Sudoku fame and glory forever? Read on and find out!

The action in the Easy category was monumental! Newcomer Anm stormed to the finish line with a spectacular 82 wins (the second highest win rate in SCT history), closely followed by tournament veteran CheekyJellyBean who claimed 80 wins. A fine return to form was displayed by zglady who took out 3rd place with 77 wins.

The Medium category was no less exciting with more highs and lows than a see-saw! Fagotto easily won 1st place with a stunning 45 wins, and ylc clawed ahead by one win to take out the 2nd spot - up from 3rd place in the last tournament. 

Belgium's Terminator again returned to yell "asta la vista" over his shoulder as he triumpantly climbed the winning ladder to 1st place in the Hard category. A big "welcome" to isa02 who can claim a very respectable score of 27 to join the leader boards in 2nd place. 

The race was on for 2nd and 3rd place in Evil between regular faces KingMarvin and kalori. And once again, peterkapelis has easily retained his SCT crown by a wide margin of 10 battles. 

The complete results appear below, with total wins in brackets and player's country of origin.

Date for your diary: Sudoku Combat Tournament X begins Thursday 6th March. 

To celebrate the tenth SCT, we're offering two very special prizes! More will be revealed in the coming week so keep an eye on the daily home page Welcome Note for details. Start practicing now in the Arena of Champions or try a few games of classic Sudoku to sharpen your skills in preparation. 


Complete List of Winners


1. Anm (82 wins) USA
2. CheekyJellyBean (80) AUS
3. zglady (77) USA


1. Fagotto (41) AUS
2. ylc (19) AUS
3. amidalal (18) USA


1. Terminator (45) Belgium
2. isa02 (27) France
3. jenong (24) Unknown


1. peterkapelis (24) Greece
2. KingMarvin (14) AUS
3. kalori (13) AUS


Token Prizes

First place: 250
Second place: 100
Third place: 50

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Highlights: SCT IX

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